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PTC police use cart-path checkpoints, crackdown on underage drivers

Some path users were caught by surprise Wednesday afternoon when the Peachtree City Police Department operated a golf cart safety checkpoint on the path behind the Concord Village Apartments in the Braelinn Village area.

Dog walkers, cyclists and other pedestrians were allowed to pass through. But all golf carts had to stop briefly so the officers could verify the cart was being operated by the correct owner.

Officers were also looking for underage cart drivers, as the minimum solo driving age is 15 years old as long as the driver has a learner’s driving permit from the state of Georgia. Sure enough, one such violator was found.

The driver had to call her mom using an officer’s cellphone so she and the golf cart could be picked up from the scene.

While the girl was upset by the whole ordeal, others were grateful. A mother who rode by on her bike, led by her young son, thanked the officers for the show of force, “especially in this area.”

She was referring to the recently reported armed robbery that occurred on this path segment several weeks ago. Such incidents are quite rare in Peachtree City, but police and the public are sensitive to them nonetheless. In fact on Tuesday night police held a community meeting at the apartment complex which is likely to become a routine occurrence.

Officers at Wednesday’s cart path safety checkpoint also handed out pamphlets which contain a variety of information on the city’s path laws and requirements.

The city allows kids ages 12 through 14 to drive golf carts, although they must be accompanied in the front seat by a parent, grandparent or legal guardian, according to city ordinance. And those who are 15 years old but don’t yet have a learner’s permit must be accompanied in the front seat by a parent, grandparent, legal guardian or a person who is 18 or older and has a valid driver’s license.

The police cart path safety checkpoints aren’t new. They have also been deployed in other areas of town, including near McIntosh High School, which has a high concentration of golf carts because 15-year-olds are allowed to drive them, even though they can’t yet drive a car on their own.

The reason for checking the golf cart registrations is as simple as a time-honored, and reviled, tradition in Peachtree City: golf cart thefts. Because many can be started without a key, golf cart thefts become more common in the spring and summer months. Most times, the carts are taken for “joy rides” by youngsters, who ditch them after reaching their destination, police have previously reported.



I hope they bring this to the Kedron area! I can't tell you how many times I have almost been run over by a 12 year old driving a cart.

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I just wish the stupid kids driving would slow the hell down and stop driving like assholes! My wife was run off one of the paths today by a dumb-ass teenager, too bad it wasn't me or things might have gotten interesting...

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When they come around the curve at full speed talking on their cell phone and take up the whole width of the path - just let them hit your cart. Police are out there now just waiting for incidents like that. $250 fine. Teenies's Mom won't be happy after her Wednesday in court.

Live free or die!

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I've pretty much given up my bike riding on the paths for just that reason. Had to bob and weave a few too many times. Any one else having their neighborhoods being inundated with electric scooters and street skateboarders? Guess not too many parents are up on city ordinances. Or more likely feel it's for others kids.

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[quote=John Munford]

Dog walkers, cyclists and other pedestrians.....[/quote]

Just an FYI, but in Georgia, as in the rest of the 49 states, bicycles are considered vehicles.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

That seems to be the attitude now. And if you don't? The new trend I see happening is new paths being rutted out of our parks and greenbelts by speedsters who just can't wait for you to pull over. They have no problem going off the path and going around those in front of them that way. Of course, contributing to the overall crappy look of our parks and greenbelts.

With no regard to the fact that those in front of them are trying to find a clearing to pull over onto or a wide enough section of path with a clear view of what's ahead before they slow down to wave the speedsters by them.

And how about the moron who goes down to Battery dock with his shiny new cart and a FULL SIZED boat and trailer hitched on the back. We're talking a trailer and boat that blocks the whole path when he goes by. And when he turns the corner to go onto and from the path along the upper channel at the boat docks there (the one that goes under Peachtree Pkwy), he cannot even maneuver the trailer without going OFF the path with it.

Seems we might need another stupid ordinance for another stupid moron who just cannot figure out the concept of the golf carting way of life in the PTC.

Finally, I think the body language of the little priss in the photo above is priceless. I hope mommy took the $250. fine money from her shopping allowance.

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I think Bugs Bunny said it best:

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

it. Bugs is the best.

here's my next fave...and on this note....

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Yep that's classic and good stuff.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.


If this full sized boat and trailer you speak of blocks the whole path how does it get across the bridge over the spillway? The spillway bridge is narrower than the path and only allows for one golf cart to pass at a time.

Are you sure the driver was turning on the path toward the tunnel that goes under Peachtree Parkway? I turn right with my boat just after that path and would not want to be confused with such a moron. Maybe someday we'll see a headline in the paper that reads, "Man lodges full sized boat in golf cart tunnel." That would be something.

Are you sure he was driving a brand new golf cart? Mine is 12 years old but still looks pretty good. It could have been me you speak of - enjoying both the cart path system and Lake Peachtree.

Usually when people see us with our boat attached to the back of the golf cart, they look at us as if to say, "that looks like fun" not here comes that moron whose lived in PTC for 20 years.

My friend - let me know the next time you want to go fishing and I'll invite you in our little boat. Who knows? We may even catch something out of Lake Peachtree, but I wouldn't eat it and likely neither would you. I suspect neither of us is that moronic :).


Don't set up a checkpoint on a Wednesday afternoon, just go down to the docks on Battery Way any evening or weekend and you can find plenty of violators. Not to mention the mad rush after McIntosh lets out of school. Just try walking on the cart paths. None of the carts have any horns and they are all going full speed. Surprised there have not been any serious injuries at the tunnel near McDonald's.

...repeat, evenings and weekends....evenings and weekends. No horns, check.

Try the area around the Braelinn Recreation Center any school day from 3 to dusk. The other day, I was walking my dog and nearly ran down by some underage driver coming out of the neighborhood closest to it. I would hav reported it but there was a cover on the cart so I was not able to see the number.

While I am at it, the police could have a field day any Saturday there is a baseball game at that same center. Cars parked on the grass, parked on the path, etc. What I don't understand is there is a perfectly good lot at the school right next door where overflow could be parking. Yes, it means they have to waddle their fat butts a little further but it's better then ruining the cities features for everyone.

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YES! The street is Morgan's Turn and it is the same thing every weekday. Occasionally the police are there at 3:30 pulling over the high school kids on their carts but it doesn't happen enough. Whenever I'm coming home down this street from the chick fil a area I always have some jerk on a cart riding my ass down the hill and nearly plowing into me as I brake to turn into my driveway.

Morgan's turn is around Glenloch which I don't doubt has it's share of problems but the area I am speaking of is near Braelinn Recreational Park which is Loghouse Road.

I know someone who has one of those street legal carts (GEM) and they said they were seriously thinking of getting a bumper sticker made up which something like, "This cart has a maximum speed of 25 so get off my ass!". Naturally this bumper sticker is for those who like to tailgate on the streets but there are times I would not mind a sign like that on my cart as well.

I want to say Thank You to the Peachtree City Police Department for placing signs and barricades notifying people not to park on the grass at the Braelinn Center this past weekend. It was a pleasure to see some of our younger residents be able to use the parks amenities again and not having to maneuver through vehicles parked on the golf cart path.

It is so funny nothing is going to change. Mommie and Daddikins will continue to let these teenagers drive, will continue to pay the fines and life goes on. It's not just the underage drivers it's having 8-10 people (teens and under 13) on them along with small children. Check out Target Parking lot, they have been speeding and riding around there for years and the police just look at them. You haul their little butts into the station for mommie and daddikins to pick them up every time, impound the cart everytime, with a hefty impound fee, apply a truly large fine and second offenses the fine doubles, maybe mommie and daddikins will take notice (but i doubt it).

was out this afternoon again, behind Slumvillage, oops, I mean Concord Village and were working a good volume of traffic there.

Lots of scruff driving around back there, and today the patrol saw lots of them. Keep it up, PTC PD. You haven't even scratched the surface yet.

The others of us do notice and appreciate the attention being given to this problem. Evenings and weekends, evenings and weekends, just don't forget now.

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I don't disagree that teens and other drivers should be more careful on golf carts, but jeez.

Read your posts, gotta get out more. Is this really the biggest problem you have to deal with?

It's embarrassing...really.

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