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Fayette studies changes to golf cart rules; solo 15-year-olds could drive

Changes are afoot for the golf cart ordinance governing unincorporated Fayette County. At its March 27 meeting, the county commission is expected to adopt a new ordinance that would “more closely mirror the existing ordinance in Peachtree City.”

As a result, county residents will need to register their golf carts and purchase a decal that must be displayed on each cart.

The new ordinance will allow 15-year-olds to drive a cart without an adult, so long as they have a valid learner’s permit. The new regulations will also allow kids as young as 12 to operate a golf cart as long as a licensed adult is in the vehicle with them.

The idea is to get the county, Peachtree City, Tyrone and Fayetteville on the same page when it comes to golf cart regulations, county officials said. As a result, the ordinance calls for the county to honor permits issued by the county’s cities, and the cities will need to approve a reciprocal agreement for it to be enforceable.

Commission Chairman Steve Brown, a former Peachtree City mayor, said the county hopes to get input from residents at the March 27 meeting, which will be at 7 p.m. at the county government complex in downtown Fayetteville.

“We need supporters of these changes to come to the meeting and let their voices be heard as this is a significant quality of life issue and a big step toward allowing the students at Starr’s Mill High School to ride golf carts to school,” Brown said.

A copy of the proposed ordinance will be available by Friday on the county’s website at, officials said.



more 12 year olds driving carts.

That BOC meeting should be fun. Round up all the 15 year olds at Starrs Mill and have 'em speak in favor.

Bring a blankie and a pillow, you could be there all night, folks. Or, you can watch it live from home on TV. Yawn.

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PTC should devise a test that anyone without a drivers license needs to pass before being allowed to operate a golf cart

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Don't think my eldery Grandmother would appreciate that.

for a fact we have had legally blind elderly on carts. Probably still do. Might not be elderly either. One of them used to be a customer of mine and man, get over on the side of the path when he came by. His wife had a beautiful Mercedes to drive him around in, but he just had to cut loose on the paths.

Better to cut loose on the paths and not in the store....MLC you opened up for that one


A hispanic aquantance of mine tells me that illegal alien friends of his love Peachtree City. They don't need a drivers license to use the cart paths, there are plenty of lawbreaking (my word) resteraunt and other business owners willing to break the law and hire them.

Where is the ordinance for this change? Not on the county website.

How is anyone to make comments if this information is not made public?

Have the BOC seen the ordinance?

Have the cities seen the ordinance?

Have YOU seen the ordinance?

There should not be one person going before this BOC to speak on this unless and until they have read this ordinance and understand it before they comment. This includes every 15 year old and up.

Good grief.

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