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PTC assistant fire chief resigns after groping probe

A high-ranking official with the Peachtree City Fire Department has resigned following an internal investigation that she made inappropriate physical contact with three department personnel during the annual installation and awards dinner for the city’s volunteer firefighters association Jan. 28.

The investigation, authored by Decatur attorney Laurel Henderson, recommended that Assistant Fire Chief Peki Prince be disciplined for violating the department policy on “conduct unbecoming” which prohibits employees from engaging in activity while either on or off duty that harms the credibility of the department or the employee.

Prince, who was in charge of training for the fire department, was accused of grabbing the breasts of two female firefighters in the restroom, touching the breast of one of those same female firefighters in the dining room area in front of others during the dinner, and also for touching the genitals of a male firefighter.

The male firefighter, an unnamed sergeant, told the investigator that he had no memory of Prince touching him, and that there were no eyewitnesses to the incident. But the sergeant’s wife told Henderson that at one point her husband approached her at the party and specifically said, “I was molested. Chief Prince grabbed my crotch.”

One of the female firefighters said she felt Prince was joking with her when Prince grabbed her breasts in the restroom, and Henderson determined that the act occurred during “mutual and consensual joking.” Prince told Henderson that she and that firefighter were friends and had roomed together at several conferences.

The other female firefighter, who also reported that Prince grabbed her breasts, was distressed by the incident, though she didn’t think the act was intended to be malicious, Henderson wrote in her investigative report.

According to the report, Prince also was accused of approaching one of the female firefighters from behind at the dinner table and touching one of her breasts. Henderson concluded that incident had occurred and noted that it was witnessed by two different individuals.

Henderson wrote that during her interview, Prince never denied the actions of which she was accused, and Prince “seemed genuinely distressed about her behavior and also genuinely concerned about all three people involved.”

Prince told Henderson that she was intoxicated at the event and she had little memory of the specific events of the evening. Henderson’s report stated that Prince had two drinks prior to the event and another four at the dinner, while she also ate nothing because she felt nauseous.

Prince could not be contacted by press time Tuesday afternoon though a phone message was left seeking comment.

Henderson determined that she found no evidence that Prince’s conduct at the event “was other than an aberrational event by an inebriated supervisor.” There was no history of similar incidents in the report. None of the alleged incidents were sufficient to consider a violation of the city’s sexual harassment policy, Henderson said in the report.

Henderson also looked into reports that Prince and her only subordinate, Capt. Ron Mundy, were holding hands, sitting closely and dancing in a sexually suggestive manner at the party. Henderson noted that both Prince and Mundy denied they were in a personal intimate relationship, although in Henderson’s judgment “the line between supervisor and supervisee ... appears to have been crossed at the party.”

The alleged incidents were not reported to the city’s human resources department until Wednesday, Feb. 1, more than three full days after the party.

Prior to issuing her retirement notice March 6, Prince had been put on paid administrative leave Feb. 3, two days after the incidents were reported to the city, officials said. Prince will use her accrued leave time through her official retirement date of April 8, and she was not offered a severance package from the city, officials said.

The city has declined additional comment on the matter, citing a complaint that has been made to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. No criminal charges have been filed in connection with any of the alleged incidents, city officials said.

Henderson interviewed some 38 fire department personnel in connection with the incident not including Prince. The event also included a number of life members who have retired from the department, members of the Peachtree City Rotary Club and their guests.

The annual event was held at the Flat Creek Country Club Jan. 28 and the dinner and social event were funded by the volunteer firefighter’s association and the Rotary Club, according to Henderson. The event included a cash bar that was administered by the country club under its liquor license.



that it was a wild party and that folks brought in their own liquor.

why not ask RWM, he seems to go the Rotary events.

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The Rotary has very little to do with this event. They donate a little money to the volunteers and present an award to a firefighter, there may be one or two members in attendance. This mess seems to be caused by an intoxicated individual.

were you there?

No, most of us weren't there. Were you? If so, what's your real name? If you weren't there, what business is it of yours beyond the current investigation and it's conclusion? Do you believe that other charges should be brought? Were you groped? If not, then you have no criminal complaint to file and it would seem that you are just enjoying harping on someone elses's indiscretions and dancing while they fall to make you feel better about your own character flaws. Are you upset that no one wants to grope you? Is it your desire to scare the Rotarians off so that they don't assist the majority of well-behaved firefighters with future celebrations? Tell us Stooge, what is it that you seek to gain from this? If you can express a legitimate goal we are all waiting.

Any time something like this happens it reflects poorly on everyone in the fire service. I am disappointed in the the former assistant chief and she should be ashamed of herself for making everyone in the service look bad with her poor behavior. You and Peachy should look in the mirror and see if there are any flaws before you seek to discredit two honorable organizations.

Grow up.

THE CITIZEN has no problem running trashy stories like this one. However this story about Cal Beverly's Buddy never ran.

Doesn't Mark Cruver run FC&A Publishing now that his father-in-law retired? Believe he's a father of 4 young kids. How disgusting!!!

Heard he exposed himself to a young lady & she got him with her phone camera - good work girl!!

Not only am I creeped out by Mr. Cruver's behavior, but how does one expose themselves while traveling on a high-speed interstate? Wouldn't he be endangering the lives of others as well as his own? Just saying.

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It is not that hard (whoops) to do if have a convertible. Call me and we will set up something. Maybe a Pasquel Perez I-285 trip.

Live free or die!

He now drives a convertible? Last I knew he drove a Prius.

He lives in my neighborhood - have to keep an eye out for what he's driving. Guys like him may take a walk & flash themselves also - I will be calling the police for sure if he does! I don't know how he can even go out of his house.Has he no shame?

How do I call you if you don't give me your number, moron?

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You mean Frank Cawood( aka Dr. Frank K. Wood in some of their ultra-crap direct marketing ads) retired? Oh wait, there is no such person. You must be talking about hardcore fundie Vern Darley stepping down. I had no idea, but sounds like they are in good hands(lol) with Mark Cruver.

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I did go the police dept. party - same place, same sponsor, different date. No one grabbed me, nor did I grab anyone or anything.
Nor should you, six-eyes.

Live free or die!

do I detect a little remorse at the lack of a grab, coming or going?

My grabbing days are over. And, yes, there is a tinge of remorse there. However, I don't remember being a grabber at any office party. Remember being the key word here.

And just in case you forget, six eyes are always better than four eyes.:::)

Seems to be a closed issue--why continue to stir the pot?

Seems to be a closed issue--why continue to stir the pot?

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for groping in public? Was the panel too picky with Peki or was the panel proper to recommend disciplinary action for Prince's ill famed public performance?

Pick the side you are partial to but either way, one thing is certain. Attendance at next year’s annual event will probably double!

Thank God something like this didn’t happen to the Fayette BOE, eh?

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

to the EEOC? The females didn't seem to take offence to the fun & joking and the male can't remember but his wife does, so who filed? It's in the public because, "How much is it gonna cost us?" Even though I admit it sounds like much to do about nothing and Yes, I've had too much fun at an office party.

He's got a convertible? Last I knew he drove a Prius.

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