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PTC: no fix needed for Crosstown-Parkway

NOTE: This story corrects a version that appeared in the Wednesday, March 9 printed edition of The Citizen

In its pursuit of county funding for a golf cart bridge, the Peachtree City Council has abandoned its quest for improvements at the intersection of Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Road.

Last week council voted unanimously to sack the intersection project.

Instead council is hoping to convince the county to fund a $1.68 million “gateway” cart path bridge that would span Ga. Highway 54 at the western city limits. It would connect a path along MacDuff Parkway to the Shoppes at the Village Piazza shopping center.

Council wants the bridge to be funded with the countywide portion of funding from the 2003 Transportation SPLOST.

That will require a majority vote of the Fayette County Commission, which will take up the matter at a future meeting.

Councilman Eric Imker said the city hasn’t had any projects funded yet with the countywide portion of the 2003 transportation sales tax.

“If we don’t get to spend it here, guess where they will spend it: the same location as other projects such as the East Fayetteville Bypass,” Imker said. “So we want to get a piece of the pie.”

The gateway bridge would serve about 1,400 registered golf carts in the area, according to city staff.

Path users can currently access the shopping center via cart path, but those coming from MacDuff Parkway have to use the bridge-tunnel system at the CSX railroad tracks before heading back west through the Planterra Ridge subdivision to reach the Shoppes at the Village Piazza, according to City Engineer David Borkowski.

There had been various proposals for improvements to .the Crosstown-Parkway intersection including a traffic light with additional turn lanes, a roundabout or the turn lanes without a traffic light.

A handful of citizens who live in the area spoke out against the project, with some worrying that improvements would bring increased traffic.

City staff had presented information on a potential roundabout for the intersection, which would have cost $685,000 and had the side effect of backing up southbound traffic on the parkway as it entered the intersection.

The addition of a host of turn lanes would have cost north of $1 million, and adding a traffic signal to that mix would have added about another $200,000.



Daily traffic jams used to be handled by a nice policeman who would actually get out of his car and direct traffic until the problem was resolved. Maybe instead of a bridge over Highway 54, the city should divert some funds for some basic traffic training classes.

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An exercise of common sense. Wait, don't include Brown's bridge in that statement.

Sure makes sense to me. I know that the FCSD sends Deputies out to take care of tfc probs at local schools--would seem that a similar PTCPD policy could fix isolated local tfc issues. But hey, I don't live there and whatever tfc probs exist do not raise my blood pressure.

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Well I do live nearby and I have yet to hit a high traffic situation at the intersection that has raised my blood pressure. I had to go back and add "high traffic" to that sentence because I've probably elevated a bit when encountering those who have yet to figure out how to take turns at a 4 way, not to mention the rare idiot that blows right through without stopping. I did notice the other day that the Parkway to west on Crosstown traffic was backed up far enough to have cars out in the northbound traffic lane. Extending the left turn lane would probably make some sense too. The right from Crosstown to Parkway south seems to work now with the majority of drivers steering to the appropriate side of the lane for thru or turning traffic. However, that is sometines complicated by those who seem to like the middle of the lane. Now that I've thoroughly addressed the last traffic problem in town I can rest.

Yeah, While I don't have to face the problem, it just seems to be anin dividual driver issue to resolve on the scene. If you can't handle that then maybe you shouldn't be behind the wheel.

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Is that last sentence a general statement or sent in a specific direction?

Basically directed to those who complain about the purported problem two times a day. No need to go thin skinned here Richard.

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Thanks James. Since I've thought the thing a boondoggle from the beginning I guess it was the "you" that peaked my curiousity.

Never use crosstown from 5 to 530 or have patience. Whats your big hurry. Now if you are smart you will get off at kelly drive and avoid the crosstown backup. No problem there. I do it all the time and never have to wait. And better yet just dont be out at that time. Adjust your schedule. Life is so simple when you adjust

that aren't any further most of the time. Agreed, this is easily avoided...same as turning left out of the Braelinn Center onto Crosstown...just go out of the Center by the Kmart and it's all easy.

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