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Fayette aids Adairsville

Thanks, Fayette County; you are the best.

We went to Adairsville, Saturday, Feb. 23, and what a welcoming experience it was. We pulled up in a caravan consisting of three trailers, two pickups, three vans, three cars, and Allen McCarty’s mobile home. All were as filled as we could fill them with all new items.

The people were waiting at the Adairsville Church of God where the tornado did not hit. We had about one hour with pictures and to get to know them. We were guided over to an old warehouse in the middle of the worst-hit part to unload. What a humbling experience this was for everyone involved.

TV cameras were waiting for us to arrive and took video of what we brought. I do believe that they all couldn’t believe what Fayette County had brought. We were given a police escort through the worst-hit area. It was unbelievable the damage we saw; the rain had not helped with standing water and mud everywhere; big holes where big trees once stood are now big deep holes.

After our tour we were escorted back to the Church of God where lunch was served by the people of Adairsville; what grateful people they are.

Some of the items delivered were 101 new blankets, 91 new sheet sets, pot and pan sets, two microwave ovens, 16 coffee pots, 16 crock pots, 17 hand mixers, 11 sets of china, 21 sets of silverware, 17 electric can openers, 13 toasters, new baby blankets and all things babies need, 80 toothbrushes, 87 toothpastes, two boxes of hand soap, boxes of household cleaners, and several boxes of face tissues, toilet tissues and many more items to long to list.

Thank you to all Fayette County citizens and our entire participating drop-off locations along with their involvement in making this such a success.

Once again, I can’t thank Fayette County citizens enough for your efforts in this humanitarian project.

Dot Ensley

Fayette County, Ga.


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