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Lowered lake not as pretty, but allows for shore maintenance

The lowered level of Lake Peachtree may not be a beautiful sight to many, but for those living on the lake, it’s a great opportunity to get things done.

The lowered lake shows the mucky underbottom to what is usually the most serene, peaceful view in the city. But the lake level is expected to be restored next month by the Fayette County Water System, which uses the city-owned lake as a water reservoir.

The several docks on the lake can get critical maintenance and work can also be conducted on the shoreline. Last week, Peachtree City Manager Jim Pennington informed the city council that some residents who live along the lake will be using a four-wheeler with a trailer to handle some of the work, just so council would be aware such activity would be allowed.

“They are doing work for the city for improvements and the police department is not going to arrest them,” Pennington said with a smile.

Sometime later this year the lake will likely be dredged per the agreement between the city and the county water system. The last dredging was accomplished without draining the lake because a special barge system was deployed to suck the accumulated silt up from the lake bottom, and it was pumped to a drying area at Drake Field on the edge of the lake.

The county’s consulting engineer is evaluating the dredging concept and no plans have been finalized as of yet.

The city also plans in coming weeks to remove the existing Battery Way public boat dock and replace it with a new structure.



3 people with the shovel today digging down into the muck and placing things in there, then covering it back over, made me wonder what is really going on there. Watching the kids tear apart the rip rap under the path bridge at the park and throw it into the lake bed was an entertaining sight, too.

Also, since the city does not own this lake and it belongs to the county, Pennington's comment is what, his idea of a boss joke?

Other than torrential rains, someone tell me how this mud hole is going to be "restored" at the end of the month.

Based on the present lowering of the lake, the dredging bidders might be able to jump in and clean up the exposed bottom saving costs and time. It might not be dry enough for heavy equipment to scrape and load into a dump truck, but it might be easy for the crew that cleaned the muck from the lagoons this past summer.

But a barge may be cool. We can tell Fulton Co. folks were mining for gold and get the dredging done for free.

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Especially those areas close to the shore - I doubt the bottom is stable enough for dump trucks, but front end loaders could move a lot of dirt out of the lake bed.

Live free or die!

Is the silting of this going to be addressed or is it just going to be allowed to turn into a marsh?
Lake Peachtree can be filled quickly since Kedron is full.

Pinewood millions start hitting our coffers, we can add that to the list of wannahaves. Till then, looks like marsh-a marsh-a.

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