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Home protection course moves outdoors for practice

Senoia resident Sessily Hancock hones her outdoor shooting skills with the help of instructor Chris Hargrove as part of the recent home protection course offered to Senoia residents. For more information on future home protection courses, contact Crystal Boudreaux at 770-727-9273. Photo/ Special.



in walkerworld, I'd be right there with ya, Sessily.

I fear the humans much more than the walkers.

You got me there. Watching TWD, I now fear both, especially in Senoia!:)

Anyone see it last night? We now know that Darryl is officially a Georgia boy, never left the state, grew up with his daddy's moonshine and has been in prison.

I'm a huge fan of TWD. I watch every week. Think Beth and Darryl are going to hook up?

No, I don't think so. I think I read there are 4 more shows for this season. I think there is too much story to tell..maybe next season if they survive.
What do you think?

No I don't think so either really. He sees her as a child right now. That could change I guess. I hope this doesn't into a touchy feely show now. That's not what TWD was meant to be.

I agree. However, some touchy feely can be good, I guess, as in below:

Like when will they ever learn 1) Never walk backwards and 2) never go out alone and 3) just stop talking and making noise when you are out and about. Jeesh!

And besides, Darryl and the others must really smell bad by now. Really, really bad. I think if anyone ever found some leftover 2 year old eau de cologne, we might see some sheet rassling, but till then, just keep things G rated. The viewers can use their imaginations for the what if's...

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