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Tyrone Tea Party activist tosses hat in ring for District 16 Senate race

Republican businessman and Tea party activist Marty Harbin announced Feb. 21 his candidacy for Georgia State Senate in the 16th district.

Harbin promised to fight for less government, more personal responsibility, and a better Georgia.

Current Senator Ronnie Chance announced his retirement last week after 10 years in the legislature.

“Ronnie is a good friend and I honor him for giving many years of his life to public service,” said Harbin. “In light of Ronnie’s retirement, I would be honored to represent the voters of the 16th district in the state Senate.”

“I’ve been involved in conservative politics for almost 30 years,” said Harbin. “I have served in volunteer positions in many campaigns for state, local, and national office including Mike Huckabee’s 2008 presidential campaign.”

Harbin is a founding member of the South Atlanta Tea Party and has spoken at Tea Party events across the Third Congressional District. He serves on the Third District Committee as First Vice Chairman and served as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2012.

“As a small business owner and Tea Party conservative, I believe I bring the right experience to serve all the people of Fayette, Lamar, Spalding, and Pike counties in the state Senate.”

Harbin, a native Georgian, graduated from Georgia State University with a B.B.A. He began his insurance career with The Harbin Agency in 1977 and earned his Certified Insurance Counselor designation in 1993. He is the owner/president of The Harbin Agency, Inc., an independent insurance agency, which employees 17 associates. He is also a registered representative with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.

Marty and Debbie Harbin have been married for over 35 years. They have six children and four grandchildren. They live in Tyrone and are active members of Fayetteville First Baptist Church where Marty serves as deacon and Sunday school teacher.

Citizens with questions, comments, or who wish to volunteer to get involved with the campaign are encouraged to email, or call 404-216-3865.


Any more Senate candidates ? So far we have Marty Harbin, David Studdard, Steve Brown and State Rep. Johnnie Caldwell. Anyone else ?

I have what I think is even a better question: Why was Senator Chance accepting all those contributions in January (reported yesterday in the AJC) if he was going to retire? And what happens to the campaign 'chest' of dollars when he retires? Suggest a good use for it would be to transfer it all to "The Wounded Warrior Project"--a truly worthy cause!

I wondered the same thing too, AHG. But don't hold your breath with him not accepting contributions to the bitter end or donating them to a worthy cause like Wounded Warrior. Those contributions are seed money for his lobbying firm where he will be back at the Gold Dome making more money than you and me combined. I've never understood what he did to keep getting re-elected except he's the prototypical Fayette County politician. A white guy with (R) behind his name that the Chamber supports. Can anyone name a significant piece of legislation he's put forth? He's always struck me as more interested in playing the political system to advance his standing. For example...he was appointed by Nathan Crooked Deal to be the Governor's Senate Administration Floor Leader a couple years back. In other words tote the wood for the most unethical Governor in the history of Georgia....a Governor who hightailed it out of DC before an Ethics Committee could charge him with multiple ethics violations....a Governor who again ran afoul of ethics charges when running for Governor and who has worked tirelessly to dismantle the weakest Ethics Commission in the country to avoid charges. He will do well with his lobbying firm.

Yup, be collecting that cash during the session. Heck, that money will end up in the "Wounded Warrior Liquor Cabinet", treating self-inflicted head wounds !

Yup, be collecting that cash during the session. Heck, that money will end up in the "Wounded Warrior Liquor Cabinet", treating self-inflicted head wounds !

Git Real's picture

I know many of the folks who identify with the Tea Party and I am there in principle, but yet to jump on board as I fear there are many Rinos posing as Conservatives who will wear the Tea Party on their sleeve and sell out after getting entrenched in Washington. Similar to what happened after the Contract With America. Ask yourself how many of today's Rinos rode the coat-tails of the Contract With America posing as a Conservative and now we are stuck with said establishment Rino ilk?

What concerns me about Mr. Harbin is his mouth-watering praise that he heaps upon our Lobby Lovin' Ronnie Chance, a KNOWN Establishment hack from way back...... and then on the other hand he claims he stands for the Tea Party.

Uggh.... Cheech and Chong comes to mind. Looks like.... Smells like.... Tastes like..... Be Careful Man... Don't Step In It.

Think I'll verify what it is before I vote for it.....

Let the vetting begin....

Oh..and David Studdard???? You gots to be freakin' kiddin' me......

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

"Harbin promised to fight for less government, more personal responsibility, and a better Georgia." He left out Mom, apple pie and baseball. He seems like a nice guy but it would be nicer to hear candidates more forthcoming with specifics about their plans rather than these cookie cutter comments out of the Tea Bagger playbook.

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