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Rep. Ramsey sets reelection bid

Rep. Matt Ramsey of Peachtree City says he wants to serve another term in the Georgia General Assembly.

“It is a tremendous privilege to have served the people of House District 72 for seven years and it is my hope that I have earned their trust for another term,” Ramsey announced Tuesday.

Ramsey serves as majority whip, a leadership position in the House Republican Caucus.

District 72 straddles western Fayette County and a southeastern chunk of Coweta County, which includes all but a northwestern slice of Peachtree City, unincorporated middle Fayette, Brooks, Senoia and Haralson.

In his announcement, Ramsey said, “Throughout my years of service, I have been committed to supporting family values that mirror those shared in our communities. I recognize the importance of a thriving economy and have worked to support initiatives that encourage business development and growth in our district. We have so much to be proud and optimistic about in our community and state and I will continue to work to move Georgia in the direction that ensures our best days are ahead of us and not in our past.”


"I recognize the importance of a thriving economy and have worked to support initiatives that encourage business development and growth in our district."

If Ramsey thinks House Bill 1023 which he is co-sponsoring will encourage business development, he is appallingly stupid.

That bill is nothing but pandering.

Pandering to the Tea Baggers and Right Wing nut jobs. Arizona passed a similar law and its awaiting the Governor's signature. But already, the AZ legislature is doing some serious backpedaling...even the ones who voted for it.

Its a job killer of a bill. I'm sure Pinewood Studios is holding its breath. And you know Arthur Blank is too knowing passage of this bill will more than likely kill any chance of the Super Bowl coming to his new expensive playground.

I can see it now...its your anniversary and you want to take the missus out for a nice meal. You call your favorite restaurant to make reservations. Yes, I'd like to make reservations for two please tonight at 7:00. Yes sir, a few questions first though. Are you gay? Are you bisexual? Have you ever had sexual relations outside of marriage? Have you ever had sexual relations with a menstruating woman? Have you or your wife ever been divorced? If yes, please explain the circumstances. Do you and/or your wife have tattoos? Do you wear clothing of mixed material?

And so it goes....

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More than half of the time during a relatively brief Fayette County Board of Commissioners meeting last week was taken up by more comments regarding the district voting issue.

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It just doesn’t make any sense. But then again, a lot of things in this world don’t make sense to me.


The October meeting of the South Metro GeorgiaCarry.Org chapter will be Thursday, Oct. 22, 6-8:30 p.m. at the Fayette Event Center, 174 North Glynn Street in Fayetteville.


This week's high school football schedule saw two big intracounty matchups which were also region games. Neither one was close.


Sixty Plus Dementia Caregiver Support Group will meet Wednesday, Oct. 21, 1:30-3 p.m. in the Thomas F. Chapman Cancer Wellness Center at Piedmont Fayette Hospital.