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PTC tables 54W light, link to Planterra

The Peachtree City Council tonight postponed its decision on a potential traffic light for Ga. Highway 54 West and Line Creek Drive to serve a new shopping center.

Council also tabled consideration of the shopping center developer's request to allow a road from the shopping center to link with Planterra Way. Both matters will be revisited at the Feb. 20 council meeting. The postponement will give council time to read the traffic study presented by Trinity Development.

Planterra Ridge subdivision resident Caren Russell contended that afternoon traffic on Planterra Way is so backed up due to cut-through traffic that the link would be ineffective anyway. She also suggested that if the road from the shopping center prevented right turns onto Planterra, it would be an agreeable compromise.

As for the traffic light, Trinity Development is asking council to approve an application for the light to be submitted to the Georgia Department if Transportation, which has the final say on the matter. While Trinity has presented a traffic study justifying the new light, it was noted that the light does not meet DOT requirements for at least 1,000 feet between adjacent traffic signals.



is on the Planning Commission agenda for Monday night- potential future rezonng of 2 tracts of land. One with 34 homes on 17 acres and the other with 204 homes on 87 acres. Workshop only for planners.

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I guess Rolader would have to be involved with that, but it is interesting that they have had these plans for several years and then waited out Haddix and as soon as he is gone - here they come. Wonder why?

Live free or die!

Coincidence that his replacement has realtor attached to her name. How many kiddos coming in and how big will the new school be? Oh wait, we only build schools now to sell them at half price before the tykes can dirty them. Never mind.
Don't forget the Bradshaw annexation coming later, which, my guess, includes
the Chick fil A relo.

Upon further review, no school necessary. The 200 plus homes will be "age targeted, not age restricted", whatever that means. Looks like Bob Adams homes on steroids. Postage size lots where you can lend your next door neighbor a cup o' sugar by leaning out your window.

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Department of Driver Services Commissioner Rob Mikell announced an important milestone for a program that streamlines the licensing process for troops, veterans and dependents with previous motorcy

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When I was a kid growing up in Kingsport, Tenn., my next-door neighbor, and a few years older than me, was Lonnie Bailey. He was the coolest guy I knew.


The 26th Annual Native American Festival & Powwow, sponsored by the Butts County Historical Society, is scheduled for Sept. 12-13 at Indian Springs Hotel/Museum, 1807 Hwy. 42 S.


Northgate 45, Shaw 0 Pace Academy 34, Our Lady of Mercy 3 Starr's Mill 21, Whitewater 7 Jonesboro 17, Sandy Creek 15 East Coweta 35, Arabia Mountain 28


The 39th annual Tyrone Founders Day Festival will include a first-ever Amateur BBQ Cook-Off Contest scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 12, 3-8 p.m. at Shamrock Park, 947 Senoia Road.