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F'ville carjacking suspect arrested

Fayetteville Police investigators on Wednesday afternoon arrested a Fairburn man that had been sought in connection with the Dec. 21 carjacking of two women in the parking lot of the Kindred Nursing Home in Fayetteville.

Det. Mike Whitlow said 26-year-old Charles Frank Collier, Jr. was arrested Wednesday afternoon on charges of one count of robbery by intimidation, one count of battery, two counts of simple assault and one count of theft of a motor vehicle.

Whitlow said the arrest was in relation to a Dec. 21 incident when two Fayetteville women visiting the Kindred Nursing Home on Brandywine Boulevard were attacked and their car stolen. The incident occurred at approximately 2 p.m. as the two sisters, one in her 60s and the other in her 80s, were in the nursing home parking lot when a man came out of an adjacent wooded area, pushed the woman in her 60s to the ground and stole the car belonging to the woman in her 80s. Both women suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene, Whitlow said.

Collier was arrested at his parent’s home in Fairburn. Whitlow said Collier did not initially come to the door when officers arrived for him. Whitlow said Collier’s father essentially struck a deal with the officers, saying that he would bring his son out. The father was able to bring Collier to investigators where he was arrested without incident, said Whitlow.

The car was found on Dec. 23 in Lanett, Alabama, Whitlow said, adding that Collier had a family relation in the area. The evidence found in the vehicle contained Collier’s identity, Whitlow said, though he could not divulge what that evidence included since aspects of the investigation are continuing.

Whitlow said the Dec. 21 incident has been the department’s top priority.

“It goes with saying that this was a priority. This does not happen here very often. I can’t remember the last time we had a carjacking here, especially at a nursing home,” Whitlow said. “This was our priority, so we’re very happy to get this person in jail. “

Whitlow thanked the Fairburn Police Dept. and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in the case.



1) this dirtbag has a baby mama in Lanett and he had no way to get her Christmas present to her.

2) this dirtbag suffers from depression and ADD and GERD and ingrown toenails and had no money to pay for his meds so he had to go see his auntie or grandma who have hands him the cash whenever he needs it.

3) this dirtbag was coming down from a meth high when his boyz dropped him off in the woods 'cuz he was being a pain in the neck and he had no way to get to the Christmas party his college friends had invited him to over in Lanett. (haha)

4) this dirtbag is just a dirtbag and now will realize when you cross that Fulton line into Fayette, we don't give up on finding scum who prey on elderly women. And that we have really good law enforcement in neighboring cities and counties who take this personally, too.

Who could ever fathom having to worry about your mother or grandmother or great-grandmother wanting to go visit someone in the nursing home getting beaten, robbed and carjacked? Dirtbag.

Interesting analysis. What's your analysis of the dirtbag who killed children and teachers in Newtown? Inquiring minds need to know! I'm glad this dirtbag is off the streets! Wish we could get all of them out of our communities.

RKS's picture

MLC, I think your comments are a bit racial aren't they? This guy is a scum, who is baby's mother is and whether he was high is irrelevant. Anyone, no matter your race, who preys on older women in a nursing home parking lot deserves to get some jail time.

Long gone are the days when you could feel safe walking around Fayetteville in broad daylight. It's a sad thing what has happened to our fine city.

meanoldconservatives's picture

[quote]"Long gone are the days when you could feel safe walking around Fayetteville in broad daylight."[/quote]

Apparently in his world, crime doesn't have "any impact on your life at all" unless you are a direct victim.

I like how whenever a black guy gets in trouble in Fayette County The Citizen puts it on the front page and there's always some guy in the comments section making passionate racially charged insults, as if this had any impact on his life at all. Rick Ryckeley would never do that. Rick Ryckeley is a patriot.

RKS's picture

Anytime someone commits such a terrible crime as this and gets caught, it is going to make front page news. The color of his skin is irrelevant, what he did is horrible.

As far as those making their comments, well, it's called free speech, everyone does it here, both those on the liberal side and those on the conservative side.

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