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Possible meth-making trash removed from Hip Pocket roadway Sun.

A not-so-simple 2 liter bottle found by a woman on Hip Pocket Road late Sunday morning led to a hazardous material team collecting the bottle and other ingredients found in the street that may have been used to produce methamphetamine drugs, Peachtree City police said.

The woman found the trash on the northern section of the road inside a bag at about 11:20 a.m., police said. After picking it up, she noticed a suspicious substance inside the bottle and called 911, police said.

Officers who responded determined the material could be extremely hazardous, said Lt. Mark Brown of the Peachtree City Police Department.

Because of the hazardous nature of such materials, a special remediation agent was used to remove the items, police said.

An investigation into the origin of the suspicious material is ongoing, police said.



I always wonder if the police can run the code on the bottle to see if it was paid for by a bank card or paid using a discount card from Kroger.

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First, you're assuming it was bought at Kroger. It's a Coke bottle commonly sold at Publix, Wal-Mart, every convenience store and every drug store chain. It doesn't have a RFID chip or any memory so tracking it down is about impossible unless you go to every single store within however many miles and hope that each store tracks merchandise by barcode + purchase receipts that correspond and even has those records available.

Finding out who bought it originally also doesn't narrow down much as to who may have later put "suspicious material"s inside of it. Obviously, it wasn't sold originally from a store with suspicious materials inside of it and later thrown on the road. Who bought it and who decided to do something else with it could be completely unrelated.

I'm not up on packaging and bar codes and the possibilities.

I was just referencing a store but it could have been any other store. If they could use the bar code and track down the purchaser, it may not lead to the party, but isn't that considered a possible lead?

Anyway. I got the answer, and thanks.

to the woman who took the time to pick up the bottle and call 911. Our city is pristine when it comes to litter, thanks to her effort and the efforts of Keep Peachtree City Beautiful and the public works dept.

I drove out Lower Fayetteville Rd. the other day from Hwy 34 to Newnan and the litter was so rampant on the sides of the road it was sickening. I would not even want to guess what is in some of that refuse.

In the area of Robinson rd and Camp Creek / Cameron Trail, we have a neighbor who walks with his son a few times a week picking up debris. The boy really enjoys his time with dad doing this. When city council sees these acts in progress, they really should pull over and gather names. Perhaps acknowledge people performing good deeds all over the city at a meeting now and then.

the Adopt a Path/Park program that gives you 25% off your stormwater bill? Read the packet info link below and read page 2 of the credit manual, too.

Maybe your neighbor is getting credit that way. Sounds like a good suggestion and you have a good neighbor, too.

That's a great program I never knew existed. Kudos to the city for this. I will see my neighbor Saturday and ask him if he is involved in this.

Ran into my neighbor at school breakfast today. He and son started cleanup detail from scouting. "Leave no trace behind"

He said he would look into the stormwater credit, but wanted to double it since his time is worth more than city council and if they don't like his cleanup, they can fire him, lol.

Well it seems that downsizing to PTC is not a good option since homes below 200K seem to be in neighborhoods with questionable neighbors.

Just saying..all the article say the bottle "may" have been used for something illegal...who knows...

Kind of just goes to show you somebody doesn't have enough to do with their time but IMAGINE what horrible substance could have been contained in that bottle.

Throw it in the trash and stop trying to get your neighbors busted which is probably what this is REALLY all about. Volunteer your time to a worthwhile cause...

Douglas Shamrock, 29, of Tyrone for manufacture and possession of meth within 1000 feet of a park. Shaina Windom, 25, Tyrone, for possession of pseudoephedrine with the intent to manufacture meth.

I suggest to the moron above to find a way to volunteer your time. Obviously would be better spent than posting idiotic comments such as yours.

feet from a park then somehow the penalty is different? That makes no sense to me. Either it's illegal or not.

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All sins were not created equal but put on a moving scale.

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I went over to a high school the other day because I've seen signs for years that it is a "Drug Free Zone." Were there any free drugs there? Hell no! Those teenage brats wanted to charge me for drugs despite what the signs said! They were not convinced by my argument and pointing at the signs, though they did contemplate it in a stupor for a moment.

Seriously, some ordinance about drugs and a 1000 feet from a park....really? Common sense dies.

Getting a meth lab out of your neighborhood or at least the Meth Heads is not a Worthwhile Cause??? Let them move next to your house..Please nosey neighbors let us know when there are weird things going on in our neighborhood or a strange car in my driveway loading items..More nosey neighbors = less crime

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Don't be singling out folk with tat's, body piercing, load music and tinted out cars windows now. Otherwise you would be against inclusion and diversity and you know how people around here don't stand for that kind of attitude.

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Is it something that comes in a spray bottle or is it a person with a badge and gun?

Good one mud... I would guess this one's in a spray bottle

very nice neighbors. Of course it is not a McMansion but then I would not be interested in a McMansion. The area at one time was designated for 55 and over but that covenant was removed several years ago so we now have some young families with young children. I happen to enjoy the young ones so that is no problem. I am situated close enough to shopping but far enough away so it isn't a problem, have a garage to keep my car out of the elements (especially nice with the on-coming ice). May not be what you are looking for but suits me to a T.

MYTMITE- Sounds nice but I bet there are not a lot of sales..I have looked at the Bob Adams homes on Braelinn since they meet all my needs but they cost over 225K and defeat the idea of downsizing the mortgage. It is really hard to go from 280K and downsize in this area without sacrificing quality. I really would love to get rid of my yard but finding homes with 3 bedrooms and some kind of formal office space is a challenge.

As long as my Deere will run I will ride on!

I bit the bullet and have a fabulous yard service which is worth every penny
since the men in my family have an aversion to manual labor

I bit the bullet and have a fabulous yard service which is worth every penny
since the men in my family have an aversion to manual labor

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