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Gov. Deal: winter storm alerts will come via cellphone

Taking advantage of available technology, Georgia residents will now receive a storm warning on cellphones in targeted areas to advise against road travel, according to Gov. Nathan Deal.

In the wake of the snowstorm that snarled metro Atlanta commuters Jan. 28, leaving some students stranded at schools and traversing iced-over roads on school buses, Deal announced further immediate changes today in a news release.

“We will go one step further with school superintendents by emailing them weather condition updates so they have the most up-to-date information when determining whether to close schools,” Deal said.

The state will also overhaul its emergency cellphone app with shelter information, alternative transportation routes and other emergency information, Deal added.

“Lastly, as storms approach, I have ordered the Georgia Emergency Management Agency to consult with local meteorologists on current weather modeling and predictions,” Deal said.

Deal also announced the creation of a Severe Winter Weather Warning and Preparedness Task Force to provide advice on other reforms and suggest short and long term solutions with 60 days. On that task force are the heads of nearly every major state agency including GEMA, the Department of Transportation and more ... along with TV meteorologists, school system superintendents, business members from communications, utilities, air lines and trucking industry along with four state legislators, the Atlanta police and fire chiefs, a member of the National Weather Service and wireless providers.

The task force will meet in an open forum setting, Deal said.

A second report, conducted by agency heads involved in emergency response, will yield a report and action plan to the governor within 10 days, Deal indicated.

“We made reforms after the 2011 storm on how we treat our roads, and because of that, we have more road treatment facilities located in more critical areas,” Deal said. “All the equipment and the all supplies in the world won’t help if the trucks can’t get on the roads. We’ve got to communicate quicker and more effectively on the front end to keep as many vehicles off the road as possible.”


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This is great, now the government can text us to let us know we've been caught in a snow storm while we're sitting on icy roads waiting for tomorrow's sun to breakout!

I think I'll just continue to trust my own senses and judgment.

Governor, I think cell phones were around in 2011, too. I mean, what's the rush?

For another shot in the heart of Dixie, it is still going on by those northern friends.. scroll down and read the New Hampshire entry in the Weather Report below:

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I get weather warnings on both my cell phones, and my iPad...I don't need another warning from the governor. I am well aware of the weather and keep a close eye on whats happening because of my long commute.

Judging by the way the state, the DOT, and GEMA handled the situation, they could use the alert. The public knew about the in coming weather days in advance - when I went to the store on Sunday before the snow to pick up a few things...the milk and bread shelves were empty.

Seriously, the last thing we need is more alerts. We need the government agencies to act responsibly, take the weather serious by knowing the latest updates, and get those salt trucks out sooner!

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could be a little interesting around here. Snow and freezing rain are possible.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

The governor is going to shut down northern Georgia tighter than an Olympian's spandex.

Schools will close for 3 days, starting tomorrow.

If you are a tractor trailer driver, don't even think about coming near 285 or the connector. As a result of this, store shelves will be empty till next week.

Kaseem Reed will be seen in a snow plow at 2am salting the city roads himself, along with a news crew to film it.

Gov. Deal will be at spaghetti junction with a whistle and an orange flag, directing truckers to just move along to Tenn. or Ala. or S.C.

The National Weather Service in PTC will be holding an open house for the cast of The Walking Dead, as they will be the only ones left outside till Friday.

The weathermen from the Atlanta TV stations will be on air in their jammies till hell (or Georgia) freezes over.

Vanessa Fleisch will be at 54/74 in a hot pink golf cart with a plow on front and a bullhorn, yelling, "You go first, you go second, did you bring your gloves and hat?" to each vehicle that even thinks about coming thru there.

Ratings will be at all time highs, just as Al Roker planned it. He will become Obama's new National Weather Czar, a position created just for Al by Barry. Al will get to wear a crown on air till he retires as a result of his new found royalty.

Me? Snow melt, t.p., batteries, kleenex, milk, bread, peanut butter, jelly, bottled water, cell phone, charger, blankies, and a pillow, all in the trunk, and I am ready. Bring it on, Mr. Snowman!!

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