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PTC gourmet grocer Fresh Market to open March 9

The Fresh Market specialty grocery store will open its Peachtree City location Wednesday, March 9 at 9 a.m. at the Peachtree Crossing shopping center, company officials have announced. The first 1,000 customers on opening day will get a reusable shopping bag and a sample-sized bag of the company’s gourmet coffee.

There also will be chef demonstrations, outdoor grilling and food sampling throughout the store.

The new Peachtree City store will house over 21,260 square feet of culinary delights, including a bakery that produces 30 freshly baked breads and 14 different varieties of pie daily, a full service meat counter with freshly ground beef, a wide selection of ready-to-serve entrées, fresh seafood delivered to the store several times per week, and more than 200 imported and domestic cheeses, as well as a bountiful produce department with more than 400 items and a large organic selection.

Also, customers attending the grand opening will be invited to enter into a drawing to win The Fresh Market Pantry. Valued at approximately $1,000, the Pantry is a collection of The Fresh Market's own TFM-branded favorites, including spices, stocks, pastas, pancake mixes, gourmet sauces, jams and more to fill the lucky winner's kitchen cupboard.

The Fresh Market's inviting atmosphere is reminiscent of old-world European markets, said Craig Carlock, the company's president and chief executive officer.

“Our customers enjoy shopping in an environment that appeals to all the senses,” Carlock said. “The smell of freshly brewed coffee and bread right out of the oven, the sound of classical music, soft lighting with antique décor in an intimate setting, and the ability to select and taste fresh, high-quality products all work together to create surroundings where customers are encouraged to experience the food.”

The store will offer “unparalleled product selection and expert customer service in an inviting atmosphere,” the company said in a news release.

The store team is important to the company, as team members will often be found sharing cooking advice and their favorite tips to help customers create the perfect meal.

The company is bringing approximately 90 jobs to the area, with most positions being filled with local residents, the company said.

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I wish the Fresh Market good luck in their new store. I look forward to shopping there and was a fan of the "Baby" Kroger. However, I found myself going only to pick up few things at a time. I hope the folks of PTC will remember that Kroger (Like A&P and Big Star before them) left that location because it became easier to shop at the bigger, newer stores that moved into the area. Kroger's sales were not enough to turn a profit. They maintained the store for several years at a loss. I think if they have the high quality produce and meats and project a real "market" image they can be successful.

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After shopping in the former baby Kroger it became obvious that the store was nothing more than a placeholder. No effort was made to use the limited square footage competitively. To me it seemed little more than a large convenience store. Kroger had either forgotten how to run a store that size or just didn't care. Publix on the other hand seems to effectively use smaller stores. I expect Fresh Market to have a very good chance of success,especially if they have a comparable level of customer service as Publix.

I believe Kroger inherited a lease when they bought Harris Teeter out of the ATL market. I shopped there a good bit & found it very convenient and could get 80% of my weekly needs & 100% of the daily.

Good news. The Fresh Seafood will be worth it alone.

i'm hoping so, spy. i plan on trekking in from coweta weekly for my meat and seafood.

Well, maybe if one can afford 15-20 dollars a pound in a recession! I won't even pay $3.00 a pound at Kroger for tomatoes, so I surely won't buy any for 4-5 dollars! As to 5.00 dollar loaves of bread--no thank you!

I'm waiting to see what a $11-12 porterhouse steak at Kroger or Publix costs at this store!

Might limit their sales quite a bit, even here!

Some folks want the availability of such expensive items for themselves but don't buy enough to fully support the store.

I think they might have made it in Coweta County at the Line Creek border!


Due to gross mismanagement. Oh well, continue on with your uninformed posts.

Harry Blazer's management style was simply too volatile to succeed. Perhaps if he had followed his brother's example (Dekalb Farmer's Mkt) he would have been better off. The purchase by Whole Foods resulted in the elimination of lots of truly tasty stuff from former Harry's--like Irish Bacon & Sahlene smoked ham.

When I lived in Morrow, GA...a giant one was open briefly there. Mid to late 80's if my memory is correct.

which only lasted about 5 months. Just not supported by locals--which anyone with reasonable business acumen could have predicted from the beginning. Serious mistake in marketing research

Was so fast, hardly anyone predicted it. As someone who grew up there in the late 70's early 80's it is still somewhat hard to fathom.

Yep, understand. I had a Jonesboro address 77-83 (lived in Pointe South). When I returned in 86,
the change was even more obvious.

It is evident that you know nothing of business.

First, ACC College wanted a building that didn't have to be built, large enough for expansion. Also many acres of land were needed for sports, etc.
Have you seen the West Point Pepperell place? These type of "colleges" or "universities" are opening up like hot dog stands to provide a lot of bogus degrees for adults. They make money. Just like bogus preacher mills--I think we have at least one here on the way west toward Newnan.

Conservatives are for anything that makes money and isn't regulated!
We also seem to have a business, or businesses, on Huddleston that will wash your car, baby sit, shine your shoes, move you, sell you junk, feed hungry people, sign you up for church membership, sell you tires, fix your auto, and run a restaurant---all in one or more buildings!

Second, The Harry's store was too small and in a bad location for a grocery store---no room. They did have poor management who also didn't realize all these things.

Third, What Mayor Haddix knows or doesn't know has little if anything to do with whether or not Fresh Market opened here!
It was a grocery store location and can continue to be a grocery store!

Ask a few question before just throwing your hat into the ring!

I have shopped at their store in Ponte Vedra FL and it is a great place. You want to go there if it is just to look around. Everything that they prepare on site is great and the personnel are very friendly.

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