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How to get a job at Pinewood Atlanta Studios

There have been a few questions about the staffing agency tagged on the city of Fayetteville’s website as the contact point for employment opportunities at Pinewood Atlanta Studios being located in Newnan.

Keeping with the “Fayette-centric” approach promoted by Pinewood, the Future Staff agency is the first onsite tenant at the Pinewood Production Centre.

Future Staff President and Fayette County resident Lee Whetstone said the company’s Fayetteville office consolidated for a short time with the Newnan office. Future Staff has signed a lease to operate at the Pinewood Production Centre (formerly known as Rivers Elementary School), with its offices expected to open in the next two weeks, Whetstone said.

ProMaker Development Group partner Len Gough said Future Staff met the Fayette-centric guidelines set by ProMaker and is now the first tenant at the Pinewood Production Centre.

“... the Pinewood mindset we have is to have immediately accessibility. Future Staff accepted that criteria,” said Gough.

Gough said ProMaker also interviewed three other temporary staff agencies, though those agencies opted not to lease since they did not want to pay lease fees.

Future Staff is a long-time Fayette company, with its founders having lived in the county since the 1960s, Whetstone said.


If you Americans want to play, you've got to pay. If you want to be a subcontractor to supply labor, you need to rent space from them.

Yes, and be sure it includes the wife of one of your county commissioners. Hire local, that's the way.

Three temp agencies walked away because they weren't going to be pressured into leasing space without a guaranteee

Seems Lee is in the loop with the Vision people since he spoke to the group recently.

Not sure which commissioners wife works for the firm.

I've not heard of this company but I know that Randy Ognio is a Fayette County Commissioner and is married to Denise Ognio who apparently is a FS supervisor. She attends the commission meetings regularly voicing her opinion and will jump to defend hubby quickly.

so Ogino's wife is hiring for Pinewood. How many other elected officials relatives are involved in this Pinewood deal? Seems we are just trying to look out for tor the elected officials families and friends. Is Barlow or Bob Ross going to be a camerman?
Just when does the county receive tax revenues from this Pinewood deal? What year and how much?


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Get a grip! You constantly amaze me with your utterly stupid comments.

Denise is the office supervisor of a company that has had a presence in Fayette County for many years and has a very large workforce.

Any company that met Pinewood's criteria was free to rent a space in the former school and offer their services.

Jim Richter

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Think Local! Thank You for stepping up Future Staff! This is the American Way! This is Great News for Fayette County. Otherwise, you will see these precious jobs "outsourced" with non-English speaking entities from India, Mexico, California, or who knows where, etc.

P.S. many reports indicate the true unemployment rate nationwide is 36-38%

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