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2 nabbed for 3 PTC auto break-ins

Two people were arrested Friday after breaking into three cars at the parking lots of two different Peachtree City restaurants, police said.

The first incident happened at Outback where the thieves smashed a vehicle window and stole an iPhone, an iPad, a viola, a cheerleading bag, a jacket and a purse.

Within half an hour of the incident being reported to police, the suspects were found in the parking lot of the Star Lite Skating Rink in Newnan where they were arrested, police said.

They were identified as William Pearson, 34, of Tregoney Drive, Decatur and Alice Blackwell, 26, of Sunset Avenue, Atlanta. Both were charged with three counts of criminal trespassing and three counts of entering an auto. Pearson was also charged with driving on a suspended license.

A search warrant of Pearson’s auto led to recovery of stolen items linked to two other auto break-ins discovered at the Longhorn restaurant in Peachtree City, police said.



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Go out to Google maps and search the two streets on where these likely career criminals come from, use the street level view. You would never want to go to these neighborhoods, that's why they come to ours.

That and the fact that there are maroons living here who still feel it is ok to leave an IPad, an IPhone a purse and other criminal collectables in their vehicles. The Find My Iphone and Find My Ipad apps still require law enforcement time and resources.

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I recently had a chat with a local LEO who spoke of the increasing crime, primarily the auto window smashers, in the area referenced in this article. Leave nothing visible in your car. Perhaps the business owners would be well served to hire someone to patrol the parking lots. The cost could be minimal compared with the possible loss of customers uncomfortable with shopping and dining in their area.

I beg to differ on the parking lot patrols. These patrols cost a lot of money. Money most businesses don't have to spare. Most of these patrols hire people who end up being the thief anyway.

I like to think we live in a pretty safe community, but that doesnt insulate us from the thieves or from our own lakadasical thinking when we leave a car in a parking lot with valuables showing. These thieves look for opportunities that have quick getaways. Hwy 54, 74, 34 are all pretty wide open and allow for easy getaways.

These numbskulls had a car that was probably identified to adjacent cities or were trying to unload the loot at the bowling alley and someone notified police.

I beg to disagree, but cost is relative. The nationwide salary per hour for a parking lot security agent is roughly $9.50 an hour, although employers are very particular that candidates have a high school diploma or GED. If you calculate at least a half dozen business entities, the deductible expense is justifiable. I cannot speak for your spending patterns, but I do not view this expense as unreasonable. In the past, I have spent roughly $2000.00 a month at the business establishments in the quadrant under discussion. Now, I modify my shopping patterns to include quick in-and-out trips and avoidance of anything discretionary.

I will lose it, lol

The salary of the employees may be $9/hr, but I would bet that the company charges much more since they pay benefits, probably have to supply uniform, vehicle, ect... I admit I havent had the need to inquire about the price, but I think it would be substantial. You are correct, that some businesses in a shopping center may share the costs, but that is sometimes difficult to collect.

No one is immune to theft. I was stupid a few years back when I visited an office building in Stockbridge, close to I75, and had my window broken and GPS stolen within 10 minutes. Now I try to be more aware of the location I park and what can be seen from outside.

Oh yeah, I am sure that the average $9.00 an hour employee in Georgia is afforded full family medical, dental and prescription benefits, a matching 401K, paid vacation, holidays and sick time, mileage, educational reimbursement and for the top 1%, standard relocation expenses including the purchase of the employees' home, full moving expense coverage, including packing and a buy-down on the new mortgage.

You are right, no one is immune to crime but if you think ahead you are less likely to be a victim. Thus the reason I now minimize my visits to the area under discussion.

The companys that provide these people dont do it for free. They have training expenses, costs for offices, ect.. If you can find a company that bills thier $9 employees at $9, I can promise you they won't be in business very long.

Why would you need an individual provided by a third party? This is hardly a "classified op" worthy of the CIA, FBI or Secret Service. In all my years, I know of no one who was ever hired via a third party and, as a business person myself, I have never requested help in my recruiting or hiring. Are $9.00 an hour employees so difficult to identify these days? Not every employer in the South is so incompetent or lazy as to be unable to recruit and make an independant hiring decision.

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That you could hire someone that could do this job for 9 bucks. Unless you hire a teenager after school or something.

I think a businessman would be smart to talk to his lawyer before hiring someone for $9 hr to play security guard on behalf of his business. Perhaps when the guy trips on a broken curb and sues for $1M, the insurance company will wonder why you hired someone off the street without insurance. Or perhaps the guy finds an unlocked car and steals something. Think the customer will be happy that you hired the neighbors kid. Or maybe this guy is pissed that he has to work on a cold night and breaks into a car and steals a house key and the persons address. I am sure the judge will wonder why the business owner hired someone whose firm wasn't bonded and insured.

Go ahead a hire that guy and find out. But make sure you have loads of insurance, because you will eventually need it.

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I never noticed until today that when looking at your posts it says "Husband and Fat...." :)

Join the club. Wife and kids had a good chuckle at dinner too. Poor dad.

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I could drop about 15lbs off of my handsome frame.

Tell the kids that gravity will indeed happen to them too one day and they'll just LOL until they get older and realize the accuracy of that :)

Worked real well tonight

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