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Brown wins county chair on surprise unanimous vote

Putting aside some public sniping, the Fayette County Commission tonight unanimously reappointed Steve Brown as its chairman for the 2014 calendar year.

There had been a push to replace Brown as chairman with fellow commissioner Chuck Oddo, but it vaporized at the beginning of the meeting after Brown opened the meeting saying the commission would continue to work together this year despite their public disagreements about he chairmanship issue.

More details to come later tonight following the meeting.



mudcat's picture

I am so thrilled - almost a tingle up or down my leg about this. Steve Brown is a uniter, not a divider like all you drama queens were pushing. He is our leader and he will lead us into district voting and other things.

I guess he promised to stop being an ass and then pledged to resign when he runs for another office.

OR, he's totally reformed and will be a grownup from now on.

OR, Oddo said he does not want to be chairman.

Occam's razor.

Take 2 out of 3 and call it a win.

I'd get that tingle checked.

Oh, and you know you've been to one too many meetings when you recognize people in the photo above by the back of their head!

mudcat's picture

Oddo not wanting it.

#2 can't be seriously considered.

#1 only involves him making a promise - keeping the promise is optional - especially if someone provokes him.

never mind.

Enjoy the brief respite Stevie. I have a strong feeling when district voting takes place and you have to rely on PTC voters for re-election, you will once again be booted from office. That is if you can last that long in your current position. That mouth of yours tends to overrun your brain at times.

Steve Brown's picture

A nice lady once told me she wished the nasty anonymous bloggers would just dry up and go away. I told her she was worrying too much about it and let them go. Sometimes they can be humorous and other times you just go on to the next comment.

There is only about six of them, the nasty ones I mean. Some others are critical, but they keep it civil.

Anonymity speaks volumes to the reading public and the biting comments have really become more of a symbol of the digital culture of cynicism.

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