Hiking for hope to help poor in Africa


My name is Trey Cason and my wife is Madison Cason. We are from Peachtree City and Fayetteville (respectively) and we will be thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail beginning 6/12/2018 to raise $219,000 for an organization called Global Hope Network International (GHNI). We call it the Hike4Hope.

GHNI works in 38 countries and does sustainable, locally-led, collaborative development work that does not leave a village in a state of dependency but independence and dignity.

The core belief is that every community has strengths and aspirations and is ultimately able thrive on their own after some investment and training.

They work with the village and empower them to improve five areas of their lives: food, water, health, income generation, and education. A video (vimeo.com/87774498) shows the model and how it affects other concurrent issues such as human trafficking.

We hope to raise $219,000 to help four villages in Asia take part in this sustainable development. That amount is equal to roughly $100 for every mile of the Appalachian Trail. When GHNI works in a village, they make an intensive 5-year commitment that takes villages from beginning through graduation. This money would fund four villages all the way through!

People can follow our hike at www.hike4hope.rocks and at GHNI’s Instagram and Facebook pages. People can raise awareness by donating and going on their own hike and tagging GHNI and #hike4hope. People can also donate at www.hike4hope.rocks. We have filmed a video explaining the hike.

Thank you all so much. Please consider printing or writing about this on your website so that this good work receives more attention and can change more lives!

Trey Cason and Madison Cason
Peachtree City, Ga.