Long waits on Hwy. 54


I am glad that Ga. Highway 54 is being resurfaced, but what did they do to the traffic signals?

Did they remove or un-connect all the pavement sensors or reset the controllers? It seems like every traffic signal from Fayetteville to Peachtree City is now set to the same “full sequence” pattern no matter the time of day or traffic flow.

Case in point: it used to be when I traveled on Hwy. 54 from Fayetteville to Peachtree City at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings, when there is hardly any traffic, I could sometimes drive the entire way without hitting a red light.

Now, I get a red light at EVERY intersection — even when there is no cross traffic — and worse, it goes through turning on the left green arrows when there is no vehicle in the left turn lane!

So, there I sit — the lone car at the intersection, with only time passing by. This is happening during the week as well, and makes the afternoon rush hour worse, since traffic is being stopped at every signal, whether or not there is cross or turning traffic, creating large backups of vehicles just sitting there while the traffic light shows off all its multiple functions.

G-DOT or whoever is responsible for the traffic signals, please look into and hopefully correct this situation ASAP, so I and others driving this stretch of highway will have one less thing to grumble about.

Barbara Cooper
Fayetteville, Ga.