Still having issues at Peachtree City Post Office


You reported back in November about the Postal Service issues in Peachtree City. These issues are continuing with no change since then.

At my business I often times have checks take 5-10 days on average, even local customers (I often times also receive letters mailed out on multiple days received all at once, like they were holding mail over time before delivering.)

I see everyday a new delivery person, plus at my home I receive mail well past 5 p.m., as late as 8 p.m. some days.

I just reported this to USPS to see what they have to say. But since the issue is so much of a problem, is it possible to get a new report in your paper about it?

I really think we need to keep pressure on them to see improvement. I know the mail delivery people are trying their best, but are seriously over-worked and being assigned to multiple routes, so the issue isn’t specific to the delivery personnel but very poor management as you reported back in November.

Tim Brogdon
Peachtree City, Ga.