Everyone welcome at SVC gathering


[Eitor’s note: This letter arrived too late for last week’s paper, but we are including it in light of the demonstrations at the Fayette County Commission last week.]

When the Fayette County Commission and the city councils in the county issue proclamations of Confederate Memorial Day/Month every year, we members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are there to accept them.

Four of us attended the recent, Thursday, meeting of the Fayetteville City Council.

SCV member Dr. James West, who was the main speaker at McDonough’s Memorial Day on Saturday, was with us.

Fayetteville Mayor Johnson did well in his introductory remarks, expressing the appropriateness of the occasion and discouraging any rumored expressions of objection to the proclamation. He and the council members then posed with us for a photograph.

Afterward, we SCV members walked to our regular monthly meeting where we welcomed Thomas Dorsey as a guest. Thomas is very proud of his Dorsey name.

The Dorseys were one of the owner families of the Holliday Dorsey Fife house by the courthouse square. He likes to tell the story of his ancestors who came to the aid of some elderly Dorsey ladies who fell on hard times after the War Between the States.

By the way, Mayor Johnson, Dr. West, and Thomas Dorsey are all black.

The mayor of Peachtree City has been issuing the proclamation every year, along with all the other municipalities in the county, but has now discontinued the practice, citing Governor Deal’s discontinuance of the state’s annual proclamation.

Our Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp will be honoring our ancestors and the ancestors of millions of other Southerners at the city gazebo on Thursday, the 26th, at 7 p.m. Everyone is welcome.

Glen Allen
Peachtree City, Ga.