Big liquor store approved for Kedron’s last slot

Jefferson Browne at Planning Commission. Photo/Ben Nelms.
Jefferson Browne at Planning Commission. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Planning Commission votes 3-1 in favor of ‘beautiful’ 8,500-sq.ft. World of Beverages

Approval from the Peachtree City Planning Commission was obtained April 9 on the last commercial parcel at the Kedron Village Shopping Center. The outparcel site will be home to the Kedron World of Beverage.

The vote to approve the conceptual site plan and elevations for the 8,500 sq. ft. building was 3-1, with Commissioner Jack Bernard opposing.

Like others on the board, Bernard said he liked the look of the building, but questioned if “the look will fit.”

The building is situated on the inter-parcel access road in the area of the Wendy’s restaurant and A.R. Biddle and Associates and near Ga. Highway 74 North.

Project representative Jefferson Browne (photo above) said the design intended to create different elements that do not look like a retail strip center offering, adding that the intent was to create a building that looked warm and inviting.

Chairman Frank Destadio categorized the building as beautiful, and one that did not look like a liquor store. Others on the commission agreed.

Brown said the building would be constructed of dark charcoal brick, medium brown brick, a material similar to Hardiplank with a wood look and texture and corrugated metal. Rather than utilizing customary safety bollards, the project will used raised planters, said Browne.

City planning staff recommended approval.