Senoia annexes 167 acres to add 260 new homes

Downtown Senoia. Photo/John Thompson.
Downtown Senoia. Photo/John Thompson.

The unanimous approval Feb. 19 of an annexation on the city’s eastern side could soon see another 260 homes added to Senoia’s housing inventory.

With the recent approval of 365 homes on 248 acres already in the city, Senoia will be adding 625 new single-family homes to its housing stock. At a minimum average of two persons per household, that could bring as many as 1,250 new residents into the city.

The 167-acre annexation site is on Ga. Highway 16, just east of the intersection with Ga. Highway 85. The development would focus on age 55 and up buyers, and features amenities such as a pool, activity area and three ponds.

The property is currently owned by Tim Harper and sits adjacent to a fly-in community. Harper said he lives in the community, so he plans to make certain it will not adversely impact the residents who fly in and out of the area. The property would be zoned R40 Conservation subdivision. Additionally, the developer would have to pay $3,300 a lot in impact fees, along with building a sidewalk to connect it with the rest of the city.

The city also requires the developer to use the city’s water and sewer system, and also have an additional point of entrance on Hwy. 85 to the south.

Senoia  is on a growth spurt. Its official 2010 U.S. Census population was 3,307 in 1,175 households within the city limits. By 2015, Senoia’s population was estimated at 4,073, a growth rate of 23 percent.