An officer’s wife says goodbye


It’s Friday morning, and another week has furiously flown by amidst commitments, deadlines and this crazy thing called life.

As I strive to claim another 30 minutes of rare, undisturbed rest, my husband leans down and whispers, “I’m going now. I lovest Thee.”

With one eye barely open and the other one still closed, I reach for his hand, tell him to be careful and return my heartfelt love.

Soon, the silence that follows a closing door jolts me awake. My prayers begin to resound toward Heaven, interceding for the man I love, while trusting the God who created him to carry him throughout this Friday.

This year will mark my hero’s 35-year anniversary in law enforcement. His career has been both challenging and exciting. Honestly, I am in awe of him, for I know that his career is more than a calling; it’s literally part of his DNA and anointed purpose.

An hour and a half after he leaves the house, I receive a text message from him saying that he has made it safely to his destination.

He simply wants to check in with me. He understands my need to hear from him throughout the day. He is sensitive to my concerns. He recognizes my discernment and understanding regarding the realities of his calling. He knows that I am for him.

Two hours after receiving his kind text, another message follows. This time, my hero husband is informing me of an officer-involved shooting just two counties over from our hometown. He is expecting me to pray.

Within the hour, we unfortunately confirm that one of the three officers has been fatally wounded, as another is presently undergoing surgery.

In an instant, the joy of a Friday is diminished, and the reality of living in a fallen world is confirmed yet again.

Tonight, there is a wife whose husband will not be walking through the door. Tonight, there is a child whose dad will not be able to safely tuck them into bed. Tonight, there are families whose hearts are breaking because of violence and evil and an infestation of fatal dysfunction.

Tonight, I will embrace my husband more tightly. Tonight, I will intercede more diligently for my neighbor. Tonight, I will cherish this moment with a bit more gratitude.

For I realize that in the blink of an eye, life can be drastically altered – and the promise of tomorrow is never guaranteed.

With heartfelt sympathy,

A dedicated wife of a dedicated law enforcement officer