44% of Millennials prefer socialism — reality check


Victimsofcommunism.org reports that 44 percent of Millennials prefer socialism.

The guileless mommy’s basement dwellers should do some “Social Justice” humanitarian work in a socialist utopia like Venezuela, once an economic engine of South America, to get some perspective.

If they get sick or injured they can take a number for a gurney and scarce medication in the corridor at the local under-staffed, over-crowded infirmary.

The wannabe socialists can stand in line and whine with the proletariat for their daily ration of toilet paper and bread. Meat and fish are non-existent. They might ask why Venezuelans are the top asylum seekers in the U.S., who are willing to escape “paradise” with the clothes on their backs and literally kiss the ground when arriving in America.

Likewise socialists departed Argentina quickly, days after the 1976 coup when citizens were fed up and supported a military junta that kicked out uber-socialist Isabel Peron and her cabal. Many socialists were murdered. Thousands “disappeared.”

Argentina once again reclaimed its place, credibility and viability on the world-stage … the hard way.

Do Americans need to learn these lessons?

Michael Velsmid

Peachtree City, Ga.