A parent’s view on LGBTQ training

I am a Christian, the mother of two gay children, the mother-in-law of a gay son-in-law, a member of PFLAG Peachtree City, and an educator.

I’ve watched a video of a recent FCBOE meeting, and read articles and letters to the editor in response to the meeting where community members spoke about training for nurses and I have a few points to make.

1. As a teacher I am required to watch videos and have meetings about sexual abuse, blood pathogens, suicide, ethics for teachers, and how to use an epipen. It is appropriate for nurses, counselors, and teachers to be familiar with the LGBT vocabulary and have suggested resources for parents and students.

2. I am confident that our school nurse does not “teach” lessons to students. She provides medical care, helps with hygiene issues (elementary school) and promotes good health.

3. An effective teacher has a positive relationship with students. This often means that a teacher knows about things going on in a child’s life, such as divorce, death, health or financial problems. Therefore, being able to communicate with parents and students in a general way about an LGBT issue does not mean employees are “teaching” anything to do with sexuality or gender.

I assure you, I have no desire to “parent” students anymore than society has already demanded of me.

5. Most LGBT people have no desire to be defined by their sexuality anymore than heterosexuals do. The only “agenda” my children and I have is to fight for basic civil rights that non-LGBT citizens have, and be valued and respected as people.

Kimberly B. Hearn
Peachtree City, Ga.