PC courts vs. the reality of terror

The London Bridge attack was the third Islamist terrorist attack in Britain in as many months, the second in 11 days. Many killed, scores injured. Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday, “Embarrassing conversations need to be had.” (American dog-whistle code, no more PC)

May was not “embarrassed” to call out Islamist extremism and too much tolerance in the U.K. No more Islamist safe-spaces, no more unfettered Internet and conversation privacy, no more separate communities, no more short jail sentences. Counterterrorism vs defensive strategies is required, she said.

Yet, the London mayor said, “London is the safest global city.” Really? He sounds like American Democrats and the 9th and 4th Circuit Courts that are denying President Trump’s 90-day temporary travel interruption, so that the travelers from these hot-bed terrorist cauldrons will be properly vetted.

The courts’ convoluted logic is that candidate Trump made derogatory Muslim comments on the stump. Do the Democrats and RINOs like John McCain think that these atrocities are carried out by Norwegians?

Good luck to “My Fair Lady” Theresa May, as the UK PM election is June 8, when her electorate will decide if “enough is enough.”

Michael Velsmid
Peachtree City, Ga.