County ponders path expansion

County ponders path expansion


The Fayette County Commission on May 11 unanimously approved the hire of an engineering company to identify needs and priorities for the Fayette County Master Path Plan (MPP).

The scope for the MPP focuses is on transportation issues associated with pedestrians, bicycles, and golf carts. In addition to identification of project needs and prioritization, the MPP will also make recommendations for consistency among the cities and county on issues such as path design standards, at-grade crossings, signs and permitting, county staff said.

Jacobs Engineering Group was hired at a cost of $179,737. The project is funded with a 80 percent federal, 20 percent local match.

Commissioner Steve Brown during the discussion said he hoped the municipalities will work with the county on the plan, since it will likely link cart paths to multiple areas in Fayette.

“This is critical. If it works we’re off and running,” Brown said.

There was no public comment on the agenda item.