PTC Mayor Fleisch: We can’t ignore Pinewood Forrest

Peachtree City Mayor Vanessa Fleisch at a recent City Council meeting.

PTC Mayor Fleisch: We can’t ignore Pinewood Forrest

Peachtree City Mayor Vanessa Fleisch in her “state of the city” address earlier in the year said Peachtree City should remain cognizant of the Pinewood Forrest development as it comes online in Fayetteville. Following up on her statement, Fleisch on Monday said the long-term impact of Pinewood Forrest on Peachtree City is currently unknown.

The new homes and the development on Peachtree City’s border could be a factor in the city moving forward, Fleisch said.

“It’s tough to know what’s going to transpire and how a competing development is going to be competing with Peachtree City,” she said. “It’s not clear what will happen, but to ignore it would be to our detriment. It will be good to know what’s going on as Pinewood Forrest develops.”

Fleisch noted that the average home in Peachtree City is 27 years old.

The new Pinewood Forrest residential, office and commercial development along Veterans Parkway in west Fayetteville is expected to begin selling the initial residential lots in the coming weeks.

It was in October that the Pinewood Progress Fall 2016 event was held to kick-off the development.

Pinewood Forrest is a 234-acre master-planned residential and mixed-use development adjacent to Pinewood Atlanta Studios in Fayetteville, designed to be a diverse, multi-generational community, a place “to bring stories to life and be your best self.”

The community is laid out in districts. First up is the largely commercial and office Village Square adjacent to Veterans Parkway. The residential areas situated away from Veterans Parkway include the Craft District on the north side of the property, the Garden District in the center of the property, the Culinary District on the south side and adjacent to Hood Road, and the Woodlands District, also on the south side and to the rear of the site.

Proposed community features include:

  • 1,300 unique residential units including single-family homes, micro-cottages, multi-family flats, townhomes and tree homes featuring authentic materials
  • 300 hotel rooms in boutique and all-suite hotels
  • 275,000 square feet of commercial office, street level retail and restaurants
  • Over 15 miles of trails and pathways
  • 118 total acres of public green space (approximately 51 percent of total site)
  • Community gardens, pools, playgrounds and dog park
  • Integrated wellness center
  • Arts/events center
  • Shared meeting spaces, offices and other amenities
  • Buildings designed with low carbon, efficient and Earthcraft/LEED features.