SPLOST is green wise, good for environment

The 2017 Fayette County special-purpose local-option sales tax (SPLOST) represents a critical opportunity for local residents to establish community sustainability as a cornerstone of future capital improvement decisions.

The reality is that the tax digest has never covered the total cost of ownership for maintaining our public infrastructure once the roads, parks and paths were turned over by developers.

This SPLOST will fill many of the gaps that remain between residents and local destinations in the multi-use path system, maintain and improve recreation and greenspace amenities, and address long deferred repairs and traffic safety issues that are an increasing risk on local streets and roads.

County-wide, approximately 9 percent of all tax revenue generated by the SPLOST will be for dedicated bicycle and pedestrian multi-use path improvements and marking bicycle routes. These prioritized projects will contribute significantly to increased pedestrian use of our path system, which will help reduce traffic congestion and car pollution in key areas.

Peachtree City has set a target goal of repaving 12 miles of multi-use path a year, repairing tunnels, plus connecting many isolated neighborhoods.

New path access and connectivity will be added along Ga. Highway 54 to Publix plaza, Robinson Road, Paschall Road, Huddleston Road and through Flat Creek Nature Area to the Peachtree City Athletic Complex.

A new path bridge over Hwy. 54 West will connect Macduff to Line Creek Nature Area. A wider, 2-lane replacement bridge is slated to cross Lake Peachtree along Hwy. 54 East.

Funds are also designated to interconnect paths between Peachtree City and Tyrone, Fayette County, and Senoia. Tyrone will add over 2 miles of path. Fayette County will build a path tunnel connecting Starr’s Mill School, extend the Redwine Road path, and mark bike lanes and routes.

Fayetteville will build the long-awaited path bridge to cross over Hwy. 54 near Piedmont Hospital. Looking to the future, Fayetteville along with Fayette County will develop master plans for their path systems.

Fayetteville has proposed a new downtown greenspace park project in high demand by residents, as well as other neighborhood park improvements. Peachtree City and Tyrone have several greenspace park maintenance and improvement projects, including most notably a long overdue public restroom facility for Line Creek Nature Area.

Most should agree that public works that contribute to cleaner air, cleaner water, healthy activities and improved public safety are vital to maintaining our quality of life and deserve proper attention.

Please thoughtfully consider the beneficial addition of the one penny sales tax now instead of a higher costing millage rate burden later imposed on property owners for far less return. Vote yes for a green wise SPLOST.

Keith Larson
Peachtree City, Ga.