SPLOST is good investment for us

I have lived and worked in Fayette County for 22 years and I want to tell you why I am supporting the SPLOST.

As a small business owner, I try to look at every cost to determine if that cost is worth the investment. To me, paying a little extra for the SPLOST ( an extra penny in sales tax ) that goes back into Fayette County is a solid investment in my community.

First, I’m sharing the cost with those that don’t live in Fayette County but who use our roads and shop here. Just as I inadvertently help those in Fulton when I stop to buy gas in Fairburn at Ga. Highway 74 and I-85, or run over to Sam’s Club in Coweta, people that live outside of our county spending money here can help us.

I’ve also learned that the funds for the SPLOST can be used to bring more federal tax dollars to Fayette County. Since I’m paying those taxes already, I’d like to see them come back to benefit me and my neighbors.

The main reason I believe the SPLOST is a good investment are the projects on the list. My business is insurance and I know that the quality of the equipment and facilities for our emergency management agencies makes an impact on their fire ratings and the insurance rates we offer. Cars that drive over poorly maintained roads will be more expensive to maintain and, ultimately, more expensive to insure.

Nearly every other county in Georgia recognizes that the SPLOST is the best option to pay for needed infrastructure without raising property taxes. Just as in other counties, our property taxes clearly are not enough to keep our roads, stormwater, and cart paths maintained or we would not see the deterioration we have.

So go to the polls with me on March 21 and vote yes for SPLOST.

Mark Gray
Peachtree City, Ga.