Man arrested for no-ID tantrum at Publix

Man arrested for no-ID tantrum at Publix
Sell me some cigarettes or I’ll jump up and down and cuss’
A Lovejoy man was arrested in a Jan. 3 incident at the Publix grocery store at the Fayette Pavilion in Fayetteville after jumping on the checkout counter and slapping cigarettes out of the clerk’s hand when he was told he could not make the purchase without proper identification.
Daniel Cabrera, 32, was charged with simple battery and disorderly conduct in the incident, according to Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Mike Whitlow.
Whitlow said Cabrera was in line to buy cigarettes when the incident occurred. The clerk asked for his identification to make the purchase. Cabrera said he did have identification with him. Whitlow said the clerk informed Cabrera that he could not purchase cigarettes without the proper identification.
“(Cabrera) then became agitated and began yelling profanity,” said Whitlow. “He jumped onto the counter and slapped the cigarettes out of the clerk’s hand.” Police were called and Cabrera was arrested, Whitlow said.