Fayetteville Goodwill shooting suspect snagged in New York

Fayetteville Goodwill shooting suspect snagged in New York
Fayetteville police on Dec. 20 arrested a New York man responsible for an Oct. 7 shooting outside the Goodwill store on Ga. Highway 85 North in Fayetteville.
Dejour E. Weston, 19, was charged with aggravated assault and is currently in the Fayette County Jail, according to Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Mike Whitlow.
Whitlow said Weston fled to New York shortly after the incident and was taken into custody there last week.
The Oct. 7 incident left one man shot and all eight men in the group outside the Goodwill store near the Fayette Pavilion fleeing to Clayton County. The shooting victim was located minutes later in Clayton County and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.
Whitlow said approximately eight black males were seen around a vehicle in the parking lot when shots were fired. It is believed that one of the men shot another man in the group. At that point all the men fled the scene, Whitlow added.
Approximately 10 minutes later Clayton County officers responded to a person shot call at a convenience store on Hwy. 85 in Riverdale, said Whitlow, noting Fayetteville officers traveling to Riverdale confirmed that it was the man shot at Goodwill.