City gives OK to sales tax framework

City gives OK to sales tax framework

The Peachtree City Council on Dec. 1 unanimously approved an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) for the 2017 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) that will go before voters in March.

Voters countywide will have their say in a March 21 special election. The IGA among all the municipalities is required prior to county commissioners calling for the election.

If adopted by voters, the six-year SPLOST is expected to generate a maximum of $141 million. Peachtree City would realize $45.473 million to fund a wealth of projects.

A breakdown of city projects shows:

• Roads and Streets Resurfacing/Maintenance – $29.62 million

• Multi-Use Path Resurfacing and Extensions – $9.56 million

• Public Safety – $3.32 million

• Parks and Recreation – $1.02 million

• Dam/Spillway Enhancements – $1.95 million

• Tier 2 Projects – $6.567 million