PTC’s Rast in running for city manager of Senoia

PTC’s Rast in running for city manager of Senoia
Longtime PTC planner retires effective Nov. 30
It was 20 years ago that Senior Planner David Rast began working in planning at Peachtree City Hall. Rast will retire on Nov. 30.
There has been a wealth of development of all types in Peachtree City during the past two decades. In the midst of much of it, from residential to commercial and industrial proposals, Rast weighed-in at City Council and Planning Commission meetings, presenting a view of the proposals from the standpoint of the city’s ordinances and answering questions from council members, commissioners and the public.
During his two decades with the city, Rast also served as city Zoning Administrator and Landscape Architect.
Rast, along with two other candidates, is being considered for the position of City Manager in Senoia. The selection by the Senoia City Council is expected next week.
A second candidate is former Fayetteville Police Maj. Harold Simmons.