UWG campus gets additional funds

The University of West Georgia (UWG) has received additional $2.6 million in funding for the renovation of its new campus in Newnan. UWG will continue to hold classes this year at its current location and anticipates opening the new campus on Jackson Street in August 2015 where it will serve 1,000 students.

UWG spokesperson Jami Bower said the school will continue to hold classes in its current Newnan location at the Shenandoah Industrial Park throughout the 2014-2015 academic year after identifying new funding opportunities for the continued renovation of the historic Newnan Hospital on Jackson Street.

Bower said the new campus will be ready for classes in August 2015 and may offer limited classes in mid-summer based on demand.

“The additional financial support allows us to enhance our equipment and programming and it really sets the stage for maximum growth,” said Assistant Vice President of Campus Planning and Facilities Brendan Bowen. “This will give us the ability to fulfill our original vision and deliver the building we promised we’d deliver. The decision is a win-win for everybody involved.”

Funding contributed by the City of Newnan in the amount of an additional $1.6 million for Phase 2 will provide more parking lots, sidewalks, a campus green and landscaping. In addition, $1 million in year-end funding has been identified from UWG, in tandem with the generosity of donors, to purchase the equipment to fully equip the nursing and science labs, Bower said.

“Since construction began, we have experienced true collaboration with the City of Newnan and a heightened sense of anticipation in the Newnan community as many UWG supporters have given of their time and resources to help advance this wonderful project,” said UWG President Kyle Marrero. “As we approach the final months of construction and prepare for transition into our new space, we want to ensure that nothing stands in the way of the progress we are experiencing. Together, we look forward to a new era of opportunity when this first-rate facility opens for classes next summer.”

Newnan Mayor Keith Brady agreed, saying, “The City of Newnan is delighted to join the University of West Georgia and the University System of Georgia in increasing the scope of the Newnan Hospital Redevelopment Project, which will provide current and future UWG students with a more complete educational experience.”

The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia in January 2013 approved the acquisition of the real property at 80 W. Jackson Street, the site of the historic Newnan Hospital facility.

UWG currently serves approximately 500 students in Newnan. Once construction is complete, UWG Newnan is projected to have 1,000 students enrolled at the new Newnan center.