Clayton State program welcomes indie filmmakers

Clayton State University continues to ramp up its presence in the movie and television industry. The university’s Digital Film Tech program is seeking Atlanta-area independent filmmakers (indies) to partner with its course offerings.

“We would like to bring independent filmmakers into our program to help them get small projects produced while giving our students hands-on experience with real projects,” said Clayton State’s Film and Digital Media Center Director Barton Bond. “It is very important for our students to gain on-set experience with shooting projects, so we are looking for full-scripted very short features, promo shoots or webisodes that could be shot in a couple of days or a weekend. In addition to training students to work on feature film and television productions that come to Georgia, our mission so to help support and develop the local film and media production communities.”

Bond said the projects will get a full crew of students from the Digital Film Tech program who have been trained in below-the-line film crafts. “Some of our students also have skills in the assistant director department, locations, casting and production management,” Bond said. Bond said local indie productions would also have access to the program’s small equipment package, including lights and grip equipment, sound, camera tripod, jib and slider. The package also includes a Panasonic GH4 camera.

“The only requirements on the part of the producers will be that they promise to deliver a finished product that our students can use for their resumes, provide liability insurance coverage for shoot days and to feed the crew,” Bond explained. Atlanta area producers who can meet those requirements can contact Bond at or call 678-466-5085 for information. See the program’s web site at www.clayton/