Big load snags overhead wires

A tractor-trailer carrying an oversized load through Fayetteville along Ga. Highway 54 West on July 25 knocked utility lines off a pole and continued west until it was pulled over by Fayette County deputies. There were no injuries from the utility lines that struck one vehicle.

Fayetteville Det. Mike Whitlow said the semi was carrying what was believed to be a large generator encased in a container. Whitlow said the truck began its westward journey from Hwy. 54 East, traveling through the downtown area.

The truck made contact with a utility pole and utility lines owned by AT&T and Coweta-Fayette EMC on Hwy. 54 just west of Grady Avenue, Whitlow said.

The impact knocked the lines off the pole where they fell across a vehicle traveling behind the semi, said Whitlow. No injuries were reported in the incident, Whitlow added.

Noting that the driver said he was unaware of what happened, Whitlow said the semi continued west until it was pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy near Piedmont Fayette Hospital. The truck became stuck in a ditch as the driver pulled it off the roadway, Whitlow added.

Utility crews arrived at the scene and made the needed repairs, said Whitlow.