Caught in midnight highway gunfight, woman driver and her son uninjured

A motorist driving on Ga. Highway 138 in Fayette County near midnight on June 9 had her vehicle damaged when gunshots were exchanged between two vehicles speeding past her.

Sheriff Barry Babb said deputies at approximately 12:45 a.m. responded to a gas station at Hwy. 138 and Ga. Highway 314. They were met by a female motorist who said she and her son had been traveling eastbound on Hwy. 138 when her vehicle was shot by another moving vehicle, Babb said.

The woman took deputies to a location just west of Hwy. 138 and Old Ga. Highway 138. The woman said while traveling in the left eastbound lane on Hwy. 138 she heard gunshots coming from behind her vehicle, Babb said.

She then observed a late 1990’s model green Toyota Camry speed past her in the right lane. The vehicle then pulled in front of her. She then observed a gold Jaguar behind her in the right lane. She observed several muzzle flashes coming from the Jaguar, said Babb.

Babb said the woman then quickly merged into the right lane in an attempt to get out of the way.

“The next thing she heard was a loud boom, like her vehicle had been hit by something,” said Babb. “She observed both vehicles move past her, both still firing shots at the other.”

Babb said the woman went home and examined her vehicle and found damage on the driver’s door. She called Clayton County 911 who advised her she would have to come back to Fayette County to file a report, Babb said.

Deputies said the damage to the driver’s door was consistent with a bullet hole. It appeared the bullet did not go all the way through the door and the indention made it appear the bullet was fired from in front of her at an angle, Babb said.

Deputies conducted a search for evidence and the area was photographed, Babb said, adding that fresh tire tracks in the wet grass were observed in the same area.

Babb said there are no known witnesses or suspects at this time.