Senoia to de-zombify downtown medians

An upcoming project that will bring a new look to the median along Main Street in downtown Senoia will begin after the July 4 weekend and take approximately two weeks to complete.

Initially approved for bid by the Senoia City Council April 7, the $21,620 project bid by the Aabby Group received unanimous approval at the May 19 meeting.

City Manager Richard Ferry said the project is expected to begin after the July 4 holiday period and be completed approximately two weeks later. The project could require that a portion of Main Street be closed for one day. Beyond that, at least one side of the street will be open during the two-week project period, Ferry said.

The council in April approved the design concept proposed by the Senoia Downtown Development Authority (DDA). The idea behind the plan was to put a new face on the median in the downtown area.

Downtown Senoia has been used often for a set for the AMC fictional cable series “The Walking Dead,” in which human survivors fight undead zombies and other humans for survival.

Ferry at the April 7 meeting said the idea of making changes to the median on Main Street was first discussed two years earlier.

“The DDA was able to close the design phase and hand the project over to the city for completion,” Ferry told council members.

The project will bring a number of changes to the median which is heavily used by residents and visitors.

A portion of the project involves removing the concrete cut-throughs and benches and relocating the benches to other downtown areas to be determined. Other project components will involve the removal and replacement of some of the trees in the median with varieties such as Trident maples and installing annual color beds at each crosswalk.

Ferry noted that needed irrigation lines are already in place.

The project will also include installing a light package and outlets.

Stalwart Films, per an earlier agreement, will cover the cost to redo the sod in the median area, Ferry said.