Anti-Learnard letters display false outrage, high drama

I would like to begin by saying that I agree with Neil Sullivan’s opinion that we please spend education dollars on educating our children and not on lawyers. Point well taken. Now to the business at hand.

As an avid reader of local news, I am disgusted by the four recent letters to the editor from Dienhart, Gainy, Richter and Benson, all claiming that council member Kim Learnard is somehow on the attack.

Were any of these four men present in the City Council meeting in April to hear what Councilwoman Learnard actually said? Economic development is important to our community, and some of us want the facts on what is really going on.

In the weeks that followed however, these four have created a flurry of negativity, all claiming that Learnard is the one being negative. They have demonstrated false outrage and high drama in an effort to relegate outrageous and dramatic behavior to her. Insults have abounded and yet they accuse her of being the one to hurl the insults. Now here is the irony in all this.

It is my understanding that the Fayette County Development Authority (FCDA) is set up by Georgia Law to be autonomous, not part of the County Commission and is responsible for getting new businesses here. Issuing real estate tax abatement bonds as incentive is common practice.

[The county] should be embarrassed to admit that [it] was uninformed about the recent bonds issued by the FCDA for the largest industrial expansion in Fayette history, that being the Pinewood Studios.

George Dienhart, of all people should know the difference from the FCDA, established by Georgia Law as an autonomous agency and the ad hoc committee that was DAPC.

Finally, Mr. Dienhart as you say you don’t want to see anymore tabloid government, then you and your pals should simply stop writing these ridiculous letters to the editor. Peachtree City citizens deserve better.

Donna Groover
Peachtree City, Ga.