Police warn motorists: Stay out of the lake!

With the pool of Lake Peachtree lowered for the past two months to allow for maintenance, the usually-hidden floor of Lake Peachtree has drawn a lot of attention from onlookers.

The lake serves as a reservoir for the countywide water system, but earlier this week it almost became an automobile graveyard. Someone drove a sport utility vehicle onto the lake bed, and it became stuck in the mud and muck, according to the Peachtree City Police Department. (The department blurred the faces of the people involved before releasing the photo above right.)

A wrecker’s towing rope was unable to reach the vehicle, so it could not be pulled out, according to police Lt. Mark Brown. Fortunately the SUV was later freed and removed from the lake.

“The wrecker couldn’t get to him,” Brown said. Anyone who ventures onto the lake bed risks their vehicle becoming “a fish sanctuary,” Brown said.

The driver claimed that he drove on the lake bed to help free golf carts that had become stuck in the muck, but when police arrived to investigate there were no golf carts to be found, Brown said.

In addition to the risk to their vehicles, anyone driving on the lake also risks receiving a citation from police as well, Brown said.

“We will definitely prosecute folks for driving around out there,” Brown said. “They shouldn’t be driving in the lake.”