Storm cleanup begins in PTC

City tackling safety issues first, with effort expected to take several weeks; debris on private property is owner’s responsibility

The following email blast was sent Friday afternoon by Peachtree City Public Information Officer/City Clerk Betsy Tyler addressing cleanup of storm debris:

“We survived the ice storm, but cleanup is going to take a few weeks. The City of Peachtree City has crews working to remove storm debris from along our major roadways and paths to clear access. The first priority is safety and safe passage, so debris may remain along the sides for a while, especially along our 90 miles of paths. Please continue to drive with caution on both streets and paths.

“We also ask for patience as crews work to address safety issues first, and then begin to focus on aesthetics. Just a couple of notes:

• City crews CANNOT remove debris from private property.

• Trees in natural areas and greenbelts are left to fall and keep the area natural unless they pose a direct threat to life or property.

• With that said, if you see a tree that has been damaged and poses a threat to life or property (cars, paths, private homes, or fences), please email location details to Crews will get to them as soon as possible over the next several weeks.

Storm Debris Removal

Residents have a variety of options for disposing of storm debris that fell on their private property:

• Recycling Center — The Peachtree City Recycling Center will be open this weekend, Friday – Sunday, for residents to drop off limbs and storm debris. The center is located at Highway 74 South and Rockaway Road.

• Private garbage companies — Several of the local residential garbage companies offer curbside debris pickup. Contact your provider (complete list and contact information available at

• Tree Removal Companies – please see link and additional note below.

Storm Damaged Trees and Tree Removal Permits

Residents are not required to obtain Tree Removal Permits for trees that were damaged during this week’s storm. Residents should use one of the approved tree contractors registered with the City and listed at

Safety Reminder – Avoid Power Lines!

DO NOT attempt to remove trees or limbs from power lines.

Please report any ongoing issues with damaged lines and light poles to the power company.

If the line or streetlight is in your neighborhood, the power company serving your home is the company to contact. If you are reporting an issue with a line or streetlight in another area and do not know the power company, please email