Evil Zimmerman vs. child Trayvon

I work for [omitted] and could get fired for publishing the following above my own name, even on my own Facebook page as it shows a point of view on something [omitted].

I keep trying to figure out why Zimmerman would attack that poor child, Trayvon, by slamming his face into the fist of that angelic little youth.

Didn’t George know that attacking the boy would hurt his nose more than it would hurt Trayvon’s fist?

Also, I’m still having a hard time figuring why the nefarious Zimmerman would plot the cold-blooded murder of this fine lad, but invite the police beforehand, staying on the phone with them for a l-o-n-g time trying to vector them to the location of his prey prior to striking.

Elaborate plan, I guess.

I give Zimmerman credit, though, for those self-inflicted wounds to the back of his head to support his story that the Poster Boy for Peace continually slammed Zimmerman’s head into the concrete — very clever.

And getting a witness in court to substantially support the account. What vile trickery.

Yes, I know that Zimmerman SAYS he shot the president’s adoptive son only after Zimmerman’s pistol became visible during the struggle and the oppressed lad saw it, reached for it and said, “You’re going to die tonight, mother- – – – – -!”

But can we believe the testimony of a demon so clever and so willing to kill that he lay such an elaborate trap?!

And let’s not even try to figure out how Zimmerman was able to fabricate — and get a young mother to testify to — the story of how her home was allegedly invaded prior to the slaying of Trayvon.

You remember? She was the one who said the 911 dispatcher asked her if she had a weapon she could use to protect herself.

She described cowering with her baby boy in one arm, and holding a rusty pair of scissors in the other hand while the invader, already inside her home, jiggled the door knob to her son’s room.

I mean most of us would understand why, in such a context, we would be on the lookout in our neighborhood. Vile Demon Zimmerman!

Justice for Trayvon.

Name withheld by request