Planners vet new PTC Chick-fil-A on 54W

Peachtree City is on its way to having a fourth Chick-fil-A restaurant in town.

A new Chick-fil-A is proposed for what is now being called “The Overlook” shopping center at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 West and Line Creek Drive. It would be located next to the RaceTrac gas station which is under construction on the site.

While developers hope to have a traffic light for The Overlook, the Chick-fil-A will operate using a right-in, right-out access point along Hwy. 54.

The store will have a double drive through that narrows down to one lane after orders are taken.

The site plan was vetted in a workshop format by the Peachtree City Planning Commission Monday night. At the request of the commission, the engineering firm on the project said it would look into adding landscaping to an area behind the restaurant. Several residents said they would prefer the store find a way to keep the mature pines on the site, which would then screen a part of the store from view.

Resident Caren Russell said keeping those pines on the site would be in keeping with the nature theme of the nearby Line Creek Nature Center.

Another concern was the lack of a way for vehicles to circulate the restaurant without using the drive-through. Also to be explored is the potential for creating a pedestrian pathway, perhaps through special pavers, to link with the RaceTrac next door.

The site plan includes a cart path that would meander along Hwy. 54 before taking a right turn into a city-owned greenbelt that would run parallel to Planterra Way.

The Overlook has caused a stir with some residents of the nearby Planterra Ridge and Cardiff Park subdivisions because developer Jim Lowe wants to have a road linking with Planterra Way.

Residents have complained that would encourage more cut-through traffic and also make it more difficult for Planterra and Cardiff residents to get onto Hwy. 54.

Though it has been noted that no such connection would force those residents onto the highway and back to Overlook, the overwhelming sentiment is that such a hassle would be worth it. That, and the presence of a cart path link to the shopping center have Planterra and Cardiff residents more at ease with their ability to get to and from the subdivision without needing the access road.

The proposed road to Planterra Way would also link to the Line Creek Nature Area and the adjacent Shoppes at the Village Piazza shopping center, along with its traffic light which serves the intersection of MacDuff Parkway.