Does PTC staff really see Council as boss?

The following seems trivial, but the unspoken and unaddressed question of the relationship between the Peachtree City Council and the city staff may make it of interest.

At the Feb. 21, 2013, meeting of the Peachtree City Council, Councilman Eric Imker suggested that certain reports now presented monthly by the Police, Fire, and Public Works departments be presented less often.

Council member Vanessa Fleisch asked if the information was available monthly even though it might not be presented monthly to the council.

Per the draft minutes, “[City Manager, Mr.] Pennington said that internal reports were received in a different format that was more management-oriented ….”

Two things jumped out. First, that these reports had to be presented in two forms: one for “management” and one for the council. This duplication of effort certainly results in higher cost in terms of staff time if nothing else. The second thing is the question: does the staff not consider council to be included in “management”?

The council reached consensus that these reports would be presented to council quarterly.

Question remains: Will those reports be formatted for council differently than for “management”?

Is anyone looking at this question, and the reason the reports have to be in two formats? (Does anyone even recognize the question?)

Does the city staff consider the City Council to be “managers”?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Paul Lentz, curmudgeon

Peachtree City, Ga.