PTC Mayor Haddix wants new interchange in Coweta to help traffic at Hwy. 54-74


In addition to a major improvement at Ga. Highway 74 and Interstate 85, Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix wants the Georgia Department of Transportation to add a new interchange in Coweta County at Palmetto-Tyrone Road to provide a way for Coweta commuters to avoid the glut of traffic at Ga. Highways 54 and 74 during drive time.

The problem, according to Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, is that Coweta County is not interested in pursuing such a project yet, especially considering that the county already has two active interchange projects in the pipeline.

“If they’re not interested in pursuing it, I am probably not going to pursue that option,” said Brown, who is pushing for the Hwy. 74/I-85 improvements to include a partial cloverleaf design to handle a significant amount of traffic at one of the main chokepoints for Peachtree City and Coweta commuters, particularly during early morning drive time.

Haddix said Thursday that he was upset that Brown hadn’t spoken to him about the interchange improvements. Brown told The Citizen Friday that he was aware of Haddix’s wish for the new interchange in Coweta as well.

“I am always very open to anything anyone has to say,” Brown said.

Haddix insists that adding a new interchange at Palmetto-Tyrone Road and I-85 would be easy because there is an existing bridge over the interstate there currently.

Brown, for his part, says it’s not a bad idea, but if Coweta doesn’t want to pursue it now, “I am definitely not going to insist that they do it.”

“Fairburn is very willing for us to work with them on their interchange and I am doing everything in my power to help them,” Brown said. “… Coweta County has two major interchange projects on I-85 as we speak. Those are their priorities and I respect that.”