Big Dig, Part 2, continues for West Fayetteville Bypass

Motorists traveling in north Fayette County in the areas of Eastin Road and Lee’s Mill Road have long noticed road construction work being performed on a section of the West Fayetteville Bypass. Fayette County Public Works Director Phil Mallon on Monday provided an overview of the work underway on Phase 2 of the new roadway that runs from Sandy Creek Road to Ga. Highway 92.

With an overall length of 4.38 miles, Phase 2 is being implemented in two sections. Section 1 extends 1.77 miles from the intersection of Veterans Parkway and Sandy Creek Road northward to Eastin Road. Section 2 extends from Eastin Road northward for 2.61 miles and ends at the intersection with Hwy. 92.

Section 1 is essentially complete and is open to traffic. The only remaining work on the section pertains to punch list items, on-going soil stabilization and a top course of asphalt at the intersection with Eastin Road.

Section 2 is the portion of the second phase now under construction. Mallon said all storm drainage structures are complete while mass grading is 80 percent complete and the placement of graded aggregate base (GAB) material is 75 percent complete. Asphalt would be applied in three layers at a later date to complete the road.

Other aspects of work on Section 2 includes the bridge over Whitewater Creek that is approximately 10 percent complete and the design work for the intersection at Ga. Highway 92 that is currently underway.

A state-preferred roundabout is planned for the intersection at Hwy. 92 though utility issues have not been worked out, Mallon said, adding that additional right-of-way would likely be required for a roundabout.

Mallon noted that bridge construction is under contract to the McCarthy Improvement Company while road construction is under contract to E.R. Snell.

“We are unlikely to stop work on either contract because doing so may result in the county incurring additional financial liability,” Mallon said. “In addition to the legal aspects of completing the work, staff is recommending completion of all work on the project since it is beyond an appropriate stopping point. Most notably, paving work should be initiated as soon as the GAB work is complete and the weather warms. Board approval will be needed for this. Nature will quickly deteriorate the condition of the road base if left unprotected for any substantial time.” 

Phase 1 of the bypass that extends from Sandy Creek Road to south of Lester Road has been open for approximately two years.

The proposed Phase 3 that extends from Lester Road to Ga. Highway 85 south of Fayetteville has included several concepts and has been the subject of discussions by county commissioners but has not progressed beyond the concept stage, and no further work is underway at this time, Mallon said.