CEC students to appear in video with Lt. Gov. Cagle

Four Coweta County high school students attending the Central Educational Center recently traveled to Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Atlanta studios to participate in a video shoot with Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle. The short video will be used state-wide by the Lt. Governor’s office and others to encourage and promote college and career academies in Georgia.

Coweta’s Central Educational Center (CEC) charter school was the first such school in Georgia and has served as a model for the 25-plus other Georgia communities that have developed their own academies, said Coweta School System spokesman Dean Jackson.

Jackson said students Amber Rogers, Leah Gailliot, Josh Bruce and Brittany Clifton met Cagle at Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) to shoot the video and engage in a highly unique learning opportunity. The students, all a part of CEC’s Work-Based Learning Program, are veterans of CEC Video Productions Director Michael Britt’s class and work with NuLink Digital and other organizations on video projects.

“I had no idea what to expect when I walked in the set,” said Northgate High School senior Leah Gailliot. “I was nervous and excited at the same time,” 

“The set was really surprising. I had never seen so much green before,” said Newnan High School junior Brittany Clifton.

Cagle was asked to star in the college and career academy video production and the students were able to experience the entirety of the shoot, as well as participate in it, Jackson said. During the filming, Mark Whitlock, CEO of the Central Educational Center, asked the students to briefly describe what impact CEC has had on each team member. The student’s answers ranged from hands-on experience, to career choices, relevance and equal opportunity. 

After Cagle had finished his video, the students were able to see the rest of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s facility.

“I enjoyed watching the video being filmed, but the behind the scene tour was my favorite part,” said Newnan High School Junior Clifton.

“I was kind of left speechless when they asked us if we had any questions after the tour and I just couldn’t think of one to ask,” said East Coweta junior Josh Bruce.

Newnan High senior Amber Rogers said team members received a wonderful learning experience outside of the classroom. The students all in agreed that none of this would be possible if Newnan did not have a college and career academy like CEC.

“I don’t think I would be as passionate as I am about learning and education if it wasn’t for CEC,” said Rogers, who contributed to the press release outlining the trip to GPB studios. “I definitely owe a lot of my success that I have at a young age to the Central Educational Center.”

Britt also weighed in on the trip to GPB.

“They did a great job,” said Britt, who was also pleased for his students for another reason. “They were able to confirm that the practices and equipment they are exposed to at CEC are the same quality and same level at a professional studio such as Georgia Public Broadcasting.”