Coweta schools review emergency preparedness plans

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut has school systems across America reviewing safety plans. The ongoing emergency preparedness plans for the Coweta County School System are also undergoing a review by the school system and law enforcement.

School system spokesman Dean Jackson said in response to the incident last week in Connecticut the Coweta County School System is continuing to review its ongoing safety and security measures. In response to the incident the district also partnered with local law enforcement agencies to heighten security at county schools during the past week, Jackson said.

“All Coweta County schools follow security procedures and have an emergency response plan. These plans are designed to allow the school to react quickly to a variety of potential crisis situations,” said Jackson. ”Law enforcement officials at the state and local level are included in the design phase of these plans. Training, scenario discussions, and drills are conducted during the year to review safety plans and security regulations.”

 The Safety Committee of the Coweta County Board of Education met on Friday and received an update on meetings and discussions that are occurring relating to school safety procedures.
Jackson said in the week preceding the Christmas and New Year’s break, local law enforcement officials increased their presence at Coweta County Schools. This, along with heightened security awareness among staff, provided additional assurance, Jackson added.

 “The school system is currently in conversation with school-based personnel and local law enforcement agencies to review our schools’ security procedures, and to discuss recommendations for improving security. Those discussions will continue in the coming weeks,” said Jackson.

Jackson said parents are encouraged to contact their principal or school district administrators if they have questions or concerns. They are also encouraged to contact their guidance counselor if their services are needed with their children.